Sikh News A Recent Event That Took Place At Bercham Gurdwara In Perak, Malaysia

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Sep 1, 2010
WaheguruJi Ka Khalsa
WaheguruJi Ki Fateh.

Sikh Panth in dilemma.
A recent event that took place at Bercham Gurdwara in Perak, Malaysia deeply affects and saddened every Sikh. A person so called Granthi (Babaji) has used the Gurdwara Sahib to preach teachings against the Sikh conduct. It is sad that we as Sikhs of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji are so prone to this type of indirect attack to our real teaching of our great Guru Sahiban. We have to pay extra attention to these types of counterfeit teachings. The above has lead to a tragedy which in my opinion was intense leading the ‘Babaji’ being attacked and severely injured. Prevention of this type of incidents is crucial as it may not further damage our unity. Below are some suggestions that should be given some serious thought: -
• No one in any Gurdwara Sahib should be allowed to offer private consultation (puchhain) to solve individuals’ personal problems.
• Stop the usage of charm and amulet (tagghe/ tavitt) to make fool of Guruji’s Sangat and take home large sum of money.
• Maintain a watchful eye on this type of ‘Babajis’ to prevent their misbehaviour with ladies.
• Wrong usage of Gurbani to gain personal riches should be strictly comprehended and prevented.
Every Sikh should take initiatives to prevent the above that will divert them from Sikhi and cause a huge damage in upbringing of our children and generations to come.
Guru Ghar De Daas,
Kulbir Singh
Ipoh, Perak.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Jul 4, 2004
As long as we Sikhs..refuse to LEARN Gurmukhi, Gurbani and thus get into close contact with the GURU.."speak His Language...communicate with Him....we will continue to fall into this trap...trap of charlatans masquarading as granthis preachers bhais ragis kirtaniyas, paathees etc who will MISGUIDE US to lINE THEIR POCKETS and also steal our Daswandh, rob the Gurdwara Golucks in Broad daylight. Its Happening the world over...why not Malaysia.
Our elders who built all those Gurdwaras out of Meagre earnings..made sure they also BUILT PUNJABI SCHOOLS...even though most of them 99% were ILLETERATE..they kept strongly to the Maryada and avoided sants and babas and ghost busters. Now adays many are really "illeterate" but think they are NOT..and therin lies the these their own Jathebandi baba, Mahapurash, Sant Gyani is the GREATEST and knows more than the SGGS any fact the SGGS is a closed chapter compared to what the "waddeh baba ji kehndeh hundeh see....just listen to nay Kathakaar/ragi/parcharak these days..he will NOT be quoting Gurbani/SGGS..but relating Tales about His WADDEH BABA JI !!. It naturally follows that where we have "Waddeh baba Jis" then we have "Chhotteh babajis..and smaller babajis....the Real WB's run the actual DERAS in Punjab..the CB run smaller DERAS around the world..and the SB are the Runners..the young boys wearing cholas and playing tablas etc...and the ladies run after these...baba Ji so what shall we do about our daughter..shes not studying and going to discos....or our son is a drug addict..blah blah blah..and the SB...says he will speak with CB..or the Visiting WB from Punjab.....and the solution many sehaj paaths (done by the Babas in their deras of course)..sampat paaths this paath that paath....all COSTING MONEY !! Transfer from sangat to Baba Ji pocket...and the Cheaper "supermarket" version fo these paaths are thaggeh/tweet/charms/holy water in a bottle etc...which is also affordable to lowest rung of these Babas have a REMEDY for each group..ricest to the poorest..BUT it always involves MONEY TRANSFER.....TO THE BABA JI.cheerleaderwelcomekaur

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