A Portrait Of Sikhi: What Are Your Favorite Photos?


1947-2014 (Archived)
Upload your favorite photo of the day or week of Sikhs and Sikhi! Let's make the thread an ongoing album of the diverse and many souls who make up a single spirit of Sikhi.

I am starting because I fell in love with this little sardar. He gave me the inspiration to begin the thread. I wanted everyone to see how serious, determined and delighted he is.

If you take the photo from the Internet, don't forget to give the link/url.

Even more tying dastar at this link http://www.rozanaspokesman.com/epap...n=main&yview=2013&mview=Feb&dview=08&pview=16

The thread is also open to comments. Come back again with another photo if you like.
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Thank you for opneing this thread! This little Sardar makes me feel, that there is still live and prospering in Sikhi0:)

Anyway, this drawning here really makes me proud and think. I can see selflessness, courage, discipline and proud in his eyes - further I see that he doesnt regret the path he chose... I can just interpret much much more! For me this picture is very inspiring - in many situations!

Original Link to the Picture :

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