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A New Article In "panthic.org"

Jul 30, 2004

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Panthic Weekly: 'Coup de grâce' on Sikhism

Panthic Weekly: 'Coup de grâce' on Sikhism

'Coup de grâce' on Sikhism
Wednesday 20th of December 2006
Dr. Ripudaman Singh, Denmark

What Al Qaeda is to the Western world, RSS is to the Sikhs. Whereas Al Qaeda is determined towards the destruction of Imperial West, RSS has similar motives towards Sikhism. But how the West and some Sikhs have dealt with these important issues affecting them, also beckons a lot of concern. There has been a general tendency towards manipulation and generation of fear on the names of their adversaries by the people towards their own people with the sheer motive of personal gain. 'Petrify your people and then rule over them' has been a well tested strategy which the leaders of the most powerful nations have applied on their masses and succeeded commendably. No doubt, this strategy is also used by some Sikhs on fellow Sikhs. The only difference is that in the former case it is the political orientation of the people which is affected, but in the latter case it is the faith which comes under scrutiny by its followers. The result is confusion, chaos, and distress among the believers. Roll any argument in the garb of RSS and Hindutva and the Sikhs can easily digest it as truth; even arguments against Sikh scriptures, traditions, rehat and maryada.
Gurtej Singh lied on the TV while declaring that "Vaar Sri Bhagauti Ji Ki" is not part of Ardaas, and acknowledging the line of Kala Afghana that it is trash ('koor-kabaar'). A latest similar salvo has come from Gurtej Singh (an ex-IAS) in the form of a shabbily written article "Implications of the inglorious coup d'etat in Sikhi". Through a series of conspiracy theories he has tried to prove that a Sikh scripture, The Dasam Granth, is a creation of dexterous Brahmins, solely concocted to bring Sikhism under the garb of Hinduism. Distressed by the Jathedars of Takhats and Sikh leadership, he even criticizes them of being on payrolls of the RSS. He claims that this collusion dates back to year 2000, which, according him is also the year when The Dasam Granth was 'forced' into Sikhism under some well conceived conspiracy. Widening his conspiracy theory he even cries foul at the decision of the press for not accepting his article criticising the Dasam Granth for publication. All in all he claims a wide and calculated plot by organisations and people inclined towards RSS and the ideology of Hindutva to force The Dasam Granth upon Sikhs.
The literary significance of Dasam Granth and its writings is an academic topic which only those who are savvy at linguistics and comparative religions are apt to comment on, and which is beyond the scope of this article as well. A couple of years ago, in a TV discussion, by referring to the views of others rather than his own, Gurtej Singh had flaunted that he himself is incapable of having a literary discourse on The Dasam Granth. However there are some intriguing aspects regarding this novel stance of Gurtej Singh, and many alike, which make this whole situation somewhat puzzling.
Hypocrisy I - The Sikh Rehat Maryada:
Gurtej Singh systematically quotes in his writings that he is for the Sikh Rehat Maryada and supports the Amrit and Rehat of the Khalsa. In the last paragraphs of his latest article too he lauds the Sikh Rehat Maryada and the concept of Amrit. The core of the Sikh Rehat Maryada is based on two Sikh scriptures, Sri Guru Granth Sahib and Dasam Granth. The definition of a Sikh also emphasises that a Sikh is the one who " faithfully believes in the banis of all ten Gurus". Hence one who refuses to believe in the bani of any of the ten Gurus automatically ceases to be a Sikh. Of the five banes which are recited during the Amrit Sanchaar, three are from the pen of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, and hence are from The Dasam Granth. The daily Nitnem of the Sikhs comprises banis from The Dasam Granth. The first pauree of the Ardas is from The Dasam Granth. The explanation to the Ardas says that the first pauree and the last pauree of the Ardas cannot be changed (because these are Gurbani). In simple words one who does not believe in the banis of Dasam Granth doesn't believe in the Amrit, Nitnem and Ardas of the Khalsa, hence is in opposition to the Sikh Rehat Maryada of the Akal Takhat. Even after opposing the basic aspects of the Sikh code of conduct, if someone still claims to be a believer of the Sikh Rehat Maryada, then he is either a hypocrite, or someone who has a serious dubious character with suspicious motives.
Hypocrisy II - Bhindranwale, RSS and Gurtej:
A few years ago in a well organised function, studded with press, Gurtej Singh declared Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale as the "Greatest Sikh of the Century". Bhindranwale achieved an unmatched status among Sikhs because he practiced what he preached. He was the embodiment of puritan Khalsa ready to sacrifice his life for righteousness, justice and self respect. It was his belief and 'shardha' in the Gurbani which made him what he was. Listening to his lectures it is clear how much respect he held for the bani of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, extensively quoting from Sri Guru Granth Sahib and The Dasam Granth. This was what he was. With his latest novel stance, Gurtej Singh has alienated himself from the beliefs for which Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale lived and died. If Gurtej Singh now declares everyone who believes in The Dasam Granth as stooges of RSS, then he will have to declare Sant Jarnail Singh as a stooge of RSS too, who by believing in the banis of The Dasam Granth was preaching the line of the RSS and Hindutva. If Gurtej Singh can't do that then he is playing a double-sided role. And such a person can either be a hypocrite, or someone who has a serious dubious character with suspicious motives.
Fear, Fear, Fear, where are you?
Another cunning tactic which Gurtej Singh and many alike have taken is instilling fear in the minds of the Sikhs claiming that those who believe in the bani of Guru Gobind Singh Ji want to replace Sri Guru Granth Sahib with The Dasam Granth as Guru. This smart move generates fear, doesn't it? And it also plays very well in their hands. If that was the motive then Dasam Granth would have been declared as Guru decades ago. What is new is not the belief in The Dasam Granth, but disbelief in it. What is new is not the respect for the bani of The Dasam Granth, but disrespect for it. Gurtej Singh supposedly believed in the bani of Dasam Granth until sometime ago, before his new stance. Did he or anyone else, who believed in the bani of The Dasam Granth, work towards installing it as the Guru? If not, then he is implanting hollow fears. And such a person can either be a hypocrite, or someone who has a serious dubious character with suspicious motives.
An undeserved heir!
Another earlier stance of Gurtej Singh, which has put him into a serious trouble now, was his declaration that he is the real heir of the legacy of Sirdar Kapur Singh. Maybe when Gurtej Singh thought of this idea he might have deserved that status, but not anymore. Just a glimpse of the writings of Sirdar Kapur Singh too shows how much respect he held for the bani of The Dasam Granth. He quoted extensively from the banis which Gurtej Singh, and many alike, are bound to disrespect and insult. And when Gurtej Singh was confronted regarding his U-turn from his earlier stance on the TV discussion mentioned above, all he had to say was, "Kapur Singh can write anything he wants". If Kapur Singh can write anything he wants which Gurtej Singh doesn't agree with, then why on this holy earth did he decide to declare himself Kapur Singh's heir? He should also declare Kapur Singh, the brain behind Anandpur Sahib Resolution, as an RSS puppet. If he doesn't then he is either a hypocrite, or someone who has a serious dubious character with suspicious motives.

From lies to serious issues with more serious implications:
Gurtej Singh lied on the TV while declaring that "Vaar Sri Bhagauti Ji Ki" is not part of Ardas, and acknowledging the line of Kala Afghana that it is trash ('koor-kabaar'). He also lied that Bhag Singh was not excommunicated for using derogatory language against Ardas and Benti Chaupai. These issues show hypocrisy of Gurtej Singh and his U-turns from his earlier stance. And these are some very intriguing aspects to this whole situation which demand explanations. Now giving reasons for this machiavellianism can generate a lot of speculations and theories. Playing by his own rules one can also declare him as a stooge of RSS dedicated to creating confusion in the Sikh Panth. Now what has entered the mind of Gurtej Singh is everyone's guess. What is no more a guess is his outlaw nature, a novel posture destined to give a 'Coup de grâce' on Sikhism.


Jan 3, 2011
re: A New Article in "panthic.org"

1. It seems that a mixture has the best chance of succeeding. And that is what the Dasam Granth has managed to do. It includes some portions of spiritual nature whose authorship is traced by custom to Guru Gobind. But other portions are as different from this as chalk from cheese. They are materialistic appreciate the maya of the sansaar and engage with maya. But as some portions are from Guru, one can use these to fool all the people that the entire Granth belong to Guru Gobind. People are not so sophisticated to make the distincetion that some is from Guru and others are not.
This controversy will help to spread the other ideas (of Santan lineage) into Sikhism and slowly bring about a gradual change.

2. Dasam Granth of one guru (gurugobind) is 4 times the size of Guru Granth although written by just one guru who died young and even when he was alive most of the time he was battling and organizing his sikhs against the unjust State. But this fact should not be circulated among the Sikhs. Faith of Sikhs needs to be developed to wards Dasam Granth for obvious reasons.

3. While in Guru Granth one has ONE message of Direct Love and Worship of God without need of any intermediaries. But Dasam Granth varies so much - on the one hand one has the spiritual portions like Akal Ustat and on other hand one has other portions which are very materialistic and go against the concepts of Guru Granth like no rituals; no complications just direct route to God. But Sikhs must not realize this and they must be moved in the direction of complications and superficial controversies - otherwise they will not get re-engaged with most greatest Sanatan Dharma and then the upper caste can come in as an interpreter of scriptures and as a class which can reap benefits by serving as hotline to God. Those who can make you live a happy life by removing your bad lucks and etc type of assitance.

4. Guru Gobind has said that Guru Manyo Granth; Guru Granth Manyo. And not Dasam Granth. In fact Dasam Granth was not even written in his lifetime but was compiled several years later. So who did the compilation and how. This compilation was never checked and reviewed by a guru again - unlike the Guru Granth.
In view of these facts any normal group would have found it difficult to conceive of the Dasam Granth as the Guiding Force or as the Guru. It might be studied as good literature maybe but other people would not have used it as THE guide.
But not the Sikhs. They are easily confused and so thanks to their confusion, one can now position the Dasam Granth as a counter to the Guru Granth and use the ambiguity to slip the Sanatan ideas into Sikhism.

Once Sikhs become Sanatan they will enter a new world and will not even realize that they have lost the pure message of Sikihism.
Instead we will provide substantial material benefits to those who help us in making this transition.



1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
re: A New Article in "panthic.org"

Rajesh ji

I would like to frame your reply and never lose it. Thank you.
Jul 6, 2010
excuse me mister spn administrator isnt this a bashing thread?
now ur breaking the rules..
panthic website is one that is run by anti sikh forces..

why do people call darshan singh rss worker,, if he was one hed try say dasam granth is authentic??

Dasam granth and Sarbloh granth is the bani of guru ji!



1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004
hindusikhjattan ji

The article in question was posted in 2006, a long time ago. I was not around at that time. Neither was the Sanatan Sikhism subforum. And panthic has changed radically in its outlook since then.

So imho a debate would be useless since the original script and the original actors are long gone.

One thing has not changed. There is only one Guru, only one Scripture. Guru Maneyo Granth, SGGS Maharji

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