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A Dream SO BIG , I Am Scared To See It

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011
I've read some fascinating science recently on chimeras that suggests that there's a good chance that people who are born one sex who identify with another somehow (be it that they are gay or even feel they are male born with female characteristics/vice versa) are very likely chimeras.

Chimeras are fascinating situations to begin with. One lady found out her kids (who had not been separated from her at birth in any way), were not "biologically hers". How? They were biologically the offspring of her fraternal twin sister, absorbed into her cells at an early embryonic state (that's what a chimera is). It's essentially the opposite of an identical twin, where one cell divides into 2 that move a bit too far away and become two separate people with the same DNA. Chimeras are two cells that start off different, and merge into 1. Some people have discovered their liver is not part of their regular DNA. Their ovaries. Various body parts. People with two differently coloured eyes may well be able to blame that on chimerism. And from a biological standpoint this makes perfect sense that having one cell for a male child merges into a female cell which ends up re the part that is responsible for where the child feels male be expressed in a child with outwardly female sex characteristics. Or vice versa. It is absolutely fascinating science, and it is the best explanation for homosexuality and how it happens that I have ever come across. When chimeras were first discovered, scientists thought they were very rare. They are discovering now that they're not as rare as all that. Additionally, traditional DNA testing say for paternity or to test hair cells against semen in cases of homocide or rape...may not be as cut and dried as originally thought either. If your hair roots are one person and your testicles are actually a chimera of your fraternal twin, reabsorbed...you may get off Scott free where you shouldn't have. Or your paternity test may come back negative when your wife didn't actually sleep with the neighbour... ;)

Just a question...I thought Sikhi was against ritual?
ok, from here on, if its in green, its sarcasm....

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The shabd under discussion in this article is composed by Guru Teg Bahadur ji and is contained on Page 633 of the SGGS. The complete shabd is as follows:

ਸੋਰਿਠ ਮਹਲਾ ੯॥...​

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