A Daily Survival Kit

Jan 6, 2005
Metro-Vancouver, B.C., Canada

A Daily Survival Kit
(includes the following)

Toothpick:To pick out the good qualities in yourself and others.
Sometimes you have to really pick hard, but they are there.

Rubber Band: Reminds us to be flexible.
Which is stronger, the oak tree or the willow tree?
Depends on what the task is.
When snow piles up on the branches of the oak tree, the branch will eventually break when the load becomes too heavy. When snow piles up on the branches of the willow tree, the branches bend and the snow falls to the ground. Sometimes we have to bend to keep from breaking.

Band-Aid: Reminds us to heal hurt feelings.
Others' feelings, by noticing and sometimes just being there. Our own feelings, by forgiving and moving on.

Pencil: Required to list our many blessings.
List a few right now, and enjoy how it lifts your spirits and changes your focus.

Eraser: To remind us that mistakes are okay.
As a matter of fact, a mistake is evidence that we're trying to achieve something. We may just need a little extra coaching. We make mistakes because we're all FHB's - fallible human beings.

Chewing Gum: Reminds us to develop a stick-to-it attitude, that allows us to accomplish the seemingly impossible. You just can't beat the person who sticks to it, no matter what.

Reminds us of our worth to our Creator.
We each are worth a mint. Discover and develop your uniqueness. You may even be able to market it!

Candy Kiss: Reminds us to give a kiss or a hug everyday because we seldom receive that which we do not give.

- unknown author


Dec 22, 2009
the tea bag??? :sippingcoffee:is that just an added bonus for brown folks who love thier cha? lol.

Maybe its "Tea Bag: to be strong when you become submerged in hot water (hardship). So you end up delicious after life brews you a little bit..." maybe...