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99 Year Old Attempts World Record At Luxembourg Marathon

Tejwant Singh


99 year old attempts world record at Luxembourg Marathon

99 year old attempts world record at Luxembourg Marathon (video)

99 year old Fauja Singh will participate in the Luxembourg Marathon in May in a bid to beat the world record for the oldest man to complete a marathon.

It was the year 1976. Dimitrion Yordanidis was 98 when he decided to participate in the marathon in Athens. It took 7 hours 33 minutes to run the 42 kilometres of the marathon and became the oldest runner in the world. That is until now.

Yordanidis is no longer here to witness, but his record is probably about to be surpassed within five weeks. Fauja Singh (left in the photo) will try for a place in Guinness Book of Records. How? Well Singh is 99 years old.

The big race chosen was the Night Marathon which takes place in Luxembourg on 15th May.

Singh, currently living in Britain, is no stranger in these endeavours. In 2003, it took him 5 hours 40 minutes to complete the marathon in Toronto.

In 2005, 94 years old, he had already participated in seven marathons (five of them in London).

In Luxembourg, Fauja Singh will make his third appearance with the team of the Sikhs.

It all began on a farm in Punjab, India. The young Fauja always enjoyed running and from a young age but only actually started running marathons at the age of 81 when he decided to try the and take part in competitions. He then moved to London and started breaking records.

The daily training with the Sikh team includes a race of eight kilometres. He doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, but says he smiles a lot and eats a diet based on curry and ginger.

In 2004 he signed the first contract advertising. His Adidas slogan reads "Impossible is Nothing."

So keep an eye out for Fauja Singh on 15th May as the world record for the oldest man to complete a marathon could be broken in Luxembourg


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This man is one of three people who inspire me. First one was Shah Rukh Khan to have six-pack abs, second one was Aamir Khan and now this man to live longer....
Wah ji Wah... Baba Ji... You are great inspiration to us lazies. Waheguru saanu sumatt bakhshan.

Great going babeyo... Break all the records with Guru's grace :):coolmunda:

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