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UK 4 World War II Veterans From Sikh Regiment Receive Punjab Ratan Award


Oct18, 2013

LONDON: Four World War II veterans from the Sikh regiment have been presented with the 'Jewel of Punjab' (Punjab Ratan) award at the World Punjabi Organisation's annual event at the Park Lane Hotel.

Britain's secretary of state for Community Welfare Eric Picklespresented the coveted awards to 100-year-old Samitter Singh, 93-year-old Gulzara Singh, 92-year-old Rajinder Singh Dutt and 89-year-old Mukhtiar Singh Rai last night for their patriotism and dedicated service during the World War II.

A Charitable services award was presented to APS Chawla, founder chairman of the Roko Cancer, for raising awareness of Breast Cancer. His award was collected by his brother.

Also a cheque for 2,000 pounds was presented to Gurpal S Oppal, who ran the London Marathon to raise funds for Bowel Cancer Charity.

Those present at the award ceremony included Lord Andrew Feldman, Chairman, conservative party, Lord Navnit Dholakia, deputy leader of Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords, minister Shailesh Vara, Judge Mota Singh, Lord Diljit Rana, Lord Raj Loomba and Lord Indarjit Singh.

Dr M S Lamba, general secretary, WPO, (European division) observed that the British Punjabi Community has successfully integratedwith the British population.
Lord Dholakia lauded the efforts of Baxi in keeping the Punjab community together and highlighting their achievements.

He said "one can never forget the contributions of Sikhs particularly during the World War."
M S Duggal, senior vice-presidentof WPO, said Sikhs and Gurkhas were known for their courage and heroism.

Lord Feldman lauded the contribution of Sikhs to the British economy, saying "the times are changing and the Conservatives believe inthe family values and hard work just as you do."

(Source: http://www.timesofindia.com/india/4...e-Punjab-Ratan-award/articleshow/24323849.cms)


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