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  1. aristotle

    UK 4 World War II Veterans From Sikh Regiment Receive Punjab Ratan Award

    Oct18, 2013 LONDON: Four World War II veterans from the Sikh regiment have been presented with the 'Jewel of Punjab' (Punjab Ratan) award at the World Punjabi Organisation's annual event at the Park Lane Hotel. Britain's secretary of state for Community Welfare Eric Picklespresented the...
  2. spnadmin

    Learn Punjabi Learn Punjabi 5abi - Five Lessons - Fast Progress

    This approach is a little bit different from what is normally presented on the net. The author, Rupinderpal Singh Dhillon, uses a linguistics approach. (Personally I believe this is a better approach for adults.) Each lesson will take a few days to complete. However at the end of 5 lessons, you...
  3. S

    Fourteen Gems/ Ratan Of Gurmukh

    The Fourteen Gems I was listeninng to the katha Of Gyani Maskeen ji today[25th Jan].He was telling the benefits of naam japna and as to how gurusikh can attain the fourteen Ratans in life.If one attains these fourteen Ratan during life time he stands a chance to get out of the bondage of...
  4. S

    Sikh News Dev Anand Conferred Punjab Ratan Award (rediff.com)

    Bollywood actor-producer Dev Anand was conferred the title Punjab Ratan (Jewel of Punjab) by the World Punjabi Organisation (European Division) for his outstanding contribution in the field of art and entertainment. More...