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Sects 3HO "Gora Sikhs" & Miri Piri Academy - What Do You Think?


May 9, 2006
Thank you both for the information, I will begin another thread momentarily so we can continue :)


Dec 4, 2011
Reading in translation is NOT acceptable. This is coming from a 1st language english speaking second generation brit.
I have self taught myself to read a little, even though it is quite slow, BUT I would be offended if someone was doing an akhand path dedicated to my father in an english translation.
Sometimes I find it faster and easier to read in a well written transliteration where the spoken language is still gurmukhi. Now someone doing an akhand path in such manner would actually go unoticable if done properly, as one would not be able to tell if he/she is reading from gurmukhi script or transliteration.
For someone of my background and understanding, this would be acceptable as long as there were no errors in pronounciation.


Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
All Sikhs should read this letter of today from Yogi Bhajan’s right-hand man, Hari Jiwan Singh Khalsa, to Bhajan’s cult family.
Notice these two lines, Hari Jiwan says, "As the Siri Singh Sahib Ji (Yogi Bhajan) was building our sovereign Sikh spiritual nation, he stripped through the unneeded ritual, cultural superstitions and limiting traditions of traditional Sikhism in order to teach us the essence of the Guru’s Teachings."

Hari Jiwan further says, "Our Master (Yogi bhajan) was accused of many things. He never defended himself and his answer was always satisfying enough to deflect the question but was rarely understood in its depth. In fact, his standard comment when asked to defend himself was, “Whatever you think I am, I’m much worse.”

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