Partition 27 August 1947, India's Proposal To Pakistan


1947-2014 (Archived)
Originally published in the Manchester Guardian, August 27, 1947


Master Tara Singh, the village schoolmaster who rose to be one of the chief leaders of the Sikhs, declared in an interview in Amritsar to-day that he hoped there would one day be a return of Sikh rule in the Punjab. Sikhs felt for the Punjab, he said, as the Jews felt for Palestine. If not checked within three or four days the present trouble would spread and become extremely difficult to control.

He recited a long list of grievances against the Moslems in general and against Pakistan and the West Punjab Governments, the boundary award, General Rees's Boundary Force, and especially against its British officers, whom he accuses of being pro-Moslem (the extreme virulence with which the Boundary Force is accused of partisanship by both sides is indirectly a great tribute to it).

Life is slowly returning to the shattered city of Amritsar, which looks as if it had been bombed heavily, and the surrounding countryside is quieter. Moslems are on the move and there are few Moslem villages left to burn. Master Tara Singh's appeal for peace, dropped in pamphlets from aircraft, is thought to have had a favourable effect, although, it was a double-edged document declaring simultaneously that the Sikhs would never accept the boundary award and must be prepared to fight to death for their just rights.

10,000 killed near Amritsar

According to the best neutral sources not fewer than 10,000 Moslems have lost their lives in the Amritsar district alone during August. Three battalions with tank support have been actively engaged in breaking up Sikh raiding parties – in one affray they killed 61 men – but now their main task is the protection of refugees. The Sikhs have displayed the same ruthlessness and brutality as in the Jullundur district. Out of one Moslem village of 350 people which fought off a large Sikh mob for six hours only 40 survived. Women and children have been beaten to death and tortures have been inflicted.

Lady Mountbatten's Tour

Lady Mountbatten left to-day by air for Jullundur and Amritsar to tour the refugee camps and hospitals of the East Punjab. She is accompanied by the India Health Minister, Mrs. Kaur. Both are expected to return to-morrow.

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1947-2014 (Archived)
The Manchester Guardian, a British publication of considerable stature. This article seems wholly pro-Pakistan to me, and leads me to wonder if the ethos of Britain was just as wholly saturated with the Crown's defense of its blatant decision to mishandle the partition as it so did, and knew it. Just my two cents.

Since this article is from the MG Archives, perhaps it is necessary to read more than one excerpt to get the full flavor of what England thought and its press thought. was going on.

So here is the Archive link. Have fun and good luck searching for more.

Gyani Jarnail Singh

Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
Its a fact beyond dispute that since the Sikhs constitute a MINORITY of little value to nayone..its always had a bad press. Today Jullunder and various Punjab towns have flourishing muslim populations and mosques....many kept intact by sikhs and many rebuilt by sikhs to be handed over to muslims...a scanario very different to Pakistan and its Sikh population. Malerkotla is a muslim oasis in sikh homeland and majority region - not a single muslim was killed in Malerkotla. The wholesale murder of sikhs and Hindus began in the outlying districts of Rawalpindi Divison Multan Hazara North west frontier divisions many many MONTHS before Aug 1947. It was sytematic genocide to clear pakistan of all minorities and it began very early. The SGPC published a report on Sikhs Killed in Pakistan but its in Punjabi only. It has accurate figures of sikhs hindus killed and gurdwaras burnt and destroyed in Pakistan long before 1947 came on the scene. The SIKH ARMY battalions of the British Army were withdrawn form Punjab and replaced by Msulim battalions...long before Aug 1947. When I have a little more free time I will provide details form that book. The Division of Punjab was the worst disaster to befall Sikhs..a massacre rivalling the two ghallugharas earlier...BUT the SIKHS still came out standing...and made eastern Punjab even more prosperous than the Western Punjab they were forced to evacuate.japposatnamwaheguru:


The Britishers were supporting muslim during Partition

“Koi Sikh rehne na pae Maghribi Punjab men” (Let no Sikh be allowed to remain in Western Punjab). That this was no isolated or irresponsible piece of political propaganda is amply proved by this letter, which passed between no less responsible people, than Sir Francis Mudie, Governor of West Punjab and Mr. Jinnah, Governor-General of Pakistan, on September 5, 1947. That men who run the State and shape policies should have made up their minds to throw Sikhs out of West Punjab, is ample proof of the solid conspiracy in Pakistan against the Sikhs. If the Governor and Governor-General thought this way, what hope of protection could Sikhs have from the officials? What was there to stop common Muslims from looting, murdering and dishonouring them?

The salient paragraphs from Sir Francis Mudie’s letter to Mr. Jinnah, mentioned above are:

“The refugee problem is assuming gigantic proportions. The only limit that I can see to it is that set by the census reports. According to reports the movement across the border runs into a lakh or so a day. At Chuharkana in the Sheikhupura district I saw between 1 lakh and a lakh and half of Sikhs collected in the town and round it, in the houses, on roofs and everywhere. It was exactly like the Magh Mela in Allahabad. It will take 45 trains to move them, even at 4,000 people per train: or, if they are to stay there, they will have to be given 50 tons of at a day. At Gowindgarh in the same district there was a collection of 30,000 or 40,000 Mazbi Sikhs with arms. They refused even to talk to the Deputy Commissioner, an Anglo-Indian, who advanced with a flag of truce. They shot at him and missed. Finally arrangements were made to evacuate the lot. I am telling every one that I do not care how the Sikhs are got rid of as soon as possible. There is still little sign of the 3 lakh Sikhs in Lyallpur moving, but in the end they too will have to go.”
I don't understand when Sikhs served so much to Britishers then why they were so against them .Both Nehru and Jinnah were Darling of Britishers and hardly any community matter to them


1947-2014 (Archived)
Personally, I would like to see a systematic and thorough collection of these archival materials so the truth can be known. These are the same aristocrats and overlords who made full use of Sikh intelligence, capacity and courage when it suited them to do so, throughout the raj and through two World Wars... everyone wanted a Sikh to stand guard in regalia, a trophy... What foul minds! And what a payback the west is getting now.


Here is the book That give useful information on Partition some of facts are written below

It must be reiterated as an important fact that while by April, 1947 there were about a million Sikh and Hindu refugees from Muslim terror, who took Shelter in Wah, Kala and other refugee camps, in Amritsar, in the Sikh States, in Ludhiana, Jullundur and Ferozepore Districts, in Hardwar, Delhi, Ambala, Karnal and even as far south as Gurgaon and the States of Alwar, Bharatpur, Dholpur and Bikaner-there were very few Muslims till then and months later who could be described as refugees. The reason was that Sikhs and Hindus had been till then the only sufferers

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