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Yogism 2006 Lord Of Miracles In Bogota, Colombia S. America

Jul 10, 2006
Source:SikhNet News Archive - 2006 Lord of Miracles in Bogota, Colombia S. America - I

2006 Lord of Miracles in Bogota, Colombia S. America - I
Date: 10/17/2006

Sat Nam from Bogota where our 4th Lord of Miracles Tour has begun. The entire group of yatris arrived in the capital of Colombia on Tuesday morning, October 2. Once we arrived, we were immediately met by the Government of Colombia who graciously escorted us through immigration; provided armed guard security throughout our entire stay and transportation.

After checking into the hotel, we were taken to a beautiful vegetarian restaurant and then off to a school in the outskirts of Bogota to speak to a group of young children who take Kundalini Yoga classes. The school was beautiful and the children where beaming. Both the Bhai Sahiba and myself spoke to them and led them in a meditation. This is a pilot program by one of the KY teachers in Colombia who has dedicated herself to teaching youngsters.


After the school session the Bhai Sahiba gave a 2-hour class at Happy Yoga. Her theme was on Sikh Dharma and being the wife of a Spiritual Master. All of those present were moved by her knowledge, compassion, humor and heartfelt communication.


During her class I went to do a radio interview that was Broadcast all over Colombia. That evening the Colombian sangat invited all of us to a fabulous Italian dinner to honor the Bhai Sahiba. Everyone was grateful and moved by her presence.


The following morning both Bibiji and I did a television program for 2 complete hours. This program is seen not only in Colombia but also in Europe, Australia, Iceland, and Africa. We were asked every topic imaginable about our Sikh way of life, Kundalini Yoga and our tour. The response was so strong that the telephone lines of the network were inundated with listeners trying to find out more about us. Our yoga centers were equally busy taking phone calls for inquiries about yoga classes and the 3HO lifestyle. To say the least, it was a huge success.


That evening we held our first Lord of Miracles lecture/class of the tour. The conference room was packed with people from all over Colombia. Besides the lecture and meditation that I gave, Bibiji also spoke to the entire audience. All were filled with her love and warmth not only as a Bhai Sahiba but also as a mother and woman. The evening finished with the Lighthouse video of Yogi Bhajan, a great gatka demonstration by Ram Das Singh, Guru Dev Kaur and Gurudharam Singh, and BANGARA!


The following morning we left the hotel at 5am to teach a class with the Bogota Police Department. To our surprise more than 1000 policemen attended the class that was filled with kundalini yoga, meditations and chanting to Guru Ram Das. In our life, it was such a miracle of Guru Ram Das that this whole event took place. Just imagine in Bogota more than 1000 policemen who were patrolling the streets that day had already done their spiritual practice and chanted the Naam before coming on duty! The Commandant and the Generals present were so impressed by their personal experience and the response of the police department that they requested us to develop a program for the Police Academy making Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan available to all cadets in the future. Wahe Guru!


After our morning with the police, we proceeded immediately to Colegio Tilata, a primary and secondary high school in the mountains outside of Bogota. This school is the only school in Colombia that includes Kundalini Yoga as part of its curriculum for all grades 1- 12. You would have thought you were in Mussorie! The 185 students, teachers and kitchen staff participated in the 90 minute class. The meditative strength of these young adults and children was impressive to say the least. They also carried the Latin genes of dancing bangara to the point that the floor collapsed under them, and they just kept on dancing! Bibiji also spoke to the students telling them that they were the most fortunate students to be given the opportunity to practice yoga and chant the mantras. The way they chanted to Guru Ram Das at the end was so powerful that most of those present had tears in their eyes. The brightness of all of their faces and the light in these student’s eyes shows the positive effects of learning how to meditate. The school also has noticed a significant drop in absenteeism, tardiness and a tremendous increase in productivity. As a result of the success of the program we will be presenting the TILATA Kundalini Yoga Model to the Colombian Minister of Education in April, 2007. One added note is that my grandson, Amar Singh who is 3 years old took the microphone at the end to tell all the people present why they should meditate. He said “If you don’t meditate, your mind will get lost. If you don’t meditate, your mind will fall out and if you don’t meditate your mind will fall out and then you can’t meditate.” We can all learn from our children!


That evening amidst tears, hugs and kisses we bid good by to our wonderful Colombian sangat promising them that we will be back in April. Mil gracias a nuestros queridos colombianos! We then boarded the 930pm Avianca night flight to the capital of Chile, Santiago!


To be continued………

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Guru Ram Das, Lord of Miracles South America Tour - 2006 Begins; On October 2, 2006 the fourth Lord of Miracles Tour, in Honor of Guru Ram Das, began in South America. This year's tour will cover twelve cities in nine

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