18th Sikh Regiment Conduct Football Coaching At Patsoi


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Jun 17, 2004
18 Sikh regiment conduct Football Coaching at Patsoi
by David Mayum *

Imphal, June 15 2011: 18 SIKH made a contribution to the organization and conduct of football coaching camp at the location of Patsoi Taomang Rising Club in Patsoi village.

The football coaching camp is an initiative of Mr N Sanjit Singh, General Secretary of Patsoi I to IV Joint Development Organization.The camp is organizing free coaching in football to around 150 students under two age categories, Under-13 and Under-16 .

Footballs and Football Nets were given to the club on 12 June 2011 by 18 SIKH for carrying out the coaching.

18 SIKH is also providing some part time coaches for the purpose.

A few words of encouragement were passed on to the younger generation by officers of 18 SIKH.

The camp is getting huge response from the locals and is highly subscribed to as the time of camp coincides with the summer vacations in schools.

The help extended by 18 SIKH in the coaching camp was appreciated by the club and locals.

The boys were also happy seeing the involvement and interest shown by 18 SIKH in conduct of the event.

18 SIKH at the coaching camp

Taking the opportunity of availability of such huge numbers of young talent at one place, a small talk on youth awareness and career counseling was also organised by 18 SIKH.

The interaction lasted for an hour where the young boys asked various questions on the professions of their choice and many showed keenness to join the defense forces.

A weapon display was also organized to educate the boys about army under " Know Your Army" programme.

All the small and heavy weapon systems of an infantry battallion were on display.

Troops of 18 SIKH helped the boys know about these weapons.

Locals from the villages in the vicinity also showed great interest in seeing the weapon system.

The locals, boys and the club members showed good response to the programme and thanked 18 SIKH for organising such an event.

The boys also spend some time interacting with the troops of 18 SIKH over a cup of tea.

18 SIKH also promised assistence in future for conduct of such events.



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