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Legal 129 Army Men Punished For HR Violations: Antony

Jan 1, 2010
New Delhi: The Army has so far punished 129 of its personnel, including 38 officers, with imprisonment and dismissal from service for violations of human rights, the Rajya Sabha was informed on Wednesday.

Defence Minister A K Antony, in reply to questions from members, said the Army took suitable disciplinary action against its personnel found guilty of violating human rights.

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To another query, Antony said the armed forces had lost 515 personnel from Maharashtra in the last five years till October 31, 2010. These personnel were killed on duty.

There were 511 soldiers from the Army killed on duty, while the Navy lost one of its sailors and the Air Force three airmen.

He said the Kendriya Sainik Board, Rajya Sainik Board and Zilla Sainik Boards, apart from units, local formations, record office and Colonels of the respective regiments, periodically interacted with the families of defence personnel killed in operations.

The ex-gratia lump sum compensation of Rs 10 lakh was paid to families of soldiers, who died due to accidents in the course of duties or death on duty attributable to acts of violence by terrorists.

Rs 15 lakh was paid for death occurring during enemy action in war or border skirmishes or in action against militants and terrorists.

A similar compensation was paid for death while on duty in specified high altitude, inaccessible border posts due to natural disasters and extreme weather conditions.

The families of soldiers, who die during enemy action in international war or war-like engagement, specifically notified, were paid Rs 20 lakh ex-gratia.

In addition to these, Rs 5 lakh is being paid by the state government of Maharashtra, he said.


Rajneesh Madhok
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