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10 Ways To Nurture Your Child's Spiritual Development

Discussion in 'Spiritual' started by Archived_Member16, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. Archived_Member16

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    Jan 7, 2005
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    10 Ways to Nurture Your Child's Spiritual Development
    Sue Frederick, author of A Mother's Guide to Raising Healthy Children

    When my daughter was born, I felt a great responsibility to nurture and strengthen her connection to God as she made her way through the challenges of growing up. Over the years, I've gathered a few ideas (from talking to moms and spiritual teachers) about how to keep that divine connection intact.

    Here are some ideas that may help:

    1. Get outside. Enjoy nature with your child. Sleep under the stars. Get simple. Let nature imprint a feeling of sacredness, spirituality and a sense of wonder.

    2. Respect and value your child's spirit. Listen to their innermost thoughts and insights and let them know you value those insights. Help them learn to listen to their own inner voice.

    3. Create a bedtime spiritual ritual. It can be talking to God about your day, saying prayers, meditating or chanting together. Let your child see that this routine, which is part of everyday life, is enjoyable and inspiring.

    4. Be an example. A saint from India, Shree Ma, says the mother is the child's first Guru. Let your child see you practicing devotion to God in whatever form you choose from Christianity to Buddhism. You are the best example to your child of how to relate to God and make God a part of everyday life.

    5. Read spiritual stories to children including the lives of the saints - from Christian to Hindu. These stories show people living their lives with love, kindness, compassion and devotion to God.

    6. Emphasize compassion and tolerance. Show your child that everyone has good things and bad things about them. When you child points out something bad about a friend. You can listen and then say, "That's true. But you know Sophie also makes you laugh a lot and is very fun to be with."

    7. Visit spiritual places - from ashrams to churches. Foster a sense of wonder for these divine and sacred places. Learn to cherish prayer in all its forms and in many different places.

    8. Allow your child to be your spiritual teacher. Ask him questions about the big issues of life and listen to his answers. Develop a thoughtful and respectful dialogue with him.

    9. Remember you are awakening your child's divinity not creating it. She has come to you as a gift from God and is already very connected to God. You needn't impose your ideas as much as nurture her relationship with God.

    10. Teach her the power of prayer. When you see an accident and someone is hurt, rather than becoming afraid, pray with your child. Ask God to send love and light to the injured person and relieve their suffering.


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  3. simpy

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    (simpy previously Surinder Kaur Cheema)

    Mar 28, 2006
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    Spiritual progress is a process that is totally unrelated to age. Starting at the time of conception, a mother is the first educator of human spiritual nature.

    No doubt a child’s faith comes from and grows by God’s power, but it is fed and nourished by the environment he/she is growing physically and mentally.

    A child is blessed if he/she is born to the parents who can guide and track their children’s faith. In the process of teaching your faith to your children you yourself learn a lot of things. It is an amazing experience, watching your children grow morally and spiritually, sharing spiritual experiences with them, and living under the authority of God in your own family.
  4. Humble_Gursevak

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    Nov 19, 2004
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    There is one most Important way to nurture your child's spiritual development is to show them a living example.....yourself......children learns what they live with.

    You follow truthfully a spiritual road children will follow you on the same road.

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