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Discussion in 'Blogs' started by Harry Haller, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    Yesterday was hard, really hard, I decided to forgo chocolate and energy drinks and settled for porridge, the results were not good, I was sleepy all day, really tired, it was like working through fog, I fell asleep on site several times, and had to be woken up by the customer, who offered me a sofa to sleep on, but I kept going till around 10pm before going home and collapsing in bed.

    Today is listing day, shipping day, lots to do, the place is a mess, one whole corner has now been taken up with black rubbish bags, another with motherboards and dead laptops, you can hardly move, but customers keep coming in, every single one sent by a friend or a relative to go see the crazy man with untidy shop, I feel like a tourist attraction,

    I had a call just before 9pm yesterday, a car dealer I know, desperate for a Pajero by Sunday, I found one, bought it, somewhere up in Derby, the Midlands, a funny place, full of Indians, you see an Indian down here, its a rarity, you say hello, you stop, up there, its completely normal, you dont stop, you dont say hello, I pick it up Sunday morning, and if I can tie that up with the 20 desktops waiting to be shipped from Newcastle, then I will save a good hundred on shipping, get a train to Derby, pick up Pajero, head north, pick up pc's and then 350 miles back south to Essex, its a pity Sian is off this week, I have spent no time with her at all, but she is naturally independent, so its not a big deal to either of us, our bond seems to be running deeper than that of late.

    My roofer friend, favourite saying 'drop that facking bone', comes in every morning for a chat and a tea, I look forward to it, I have always thought there are only two ways to 'knowing', religion and god, or having the **** kicked out of you till knowledge is burned into you, he is a good example of the latter, I remember talking to him about sex, actually I talk to everyone about sex, although I have stopped of late, he would wave his hand and dismiss me 'its a facking bone arry, you wanna be like all them other mugs all digging up bones??' sex, drugs, good food, pride, ego, all bones to him, turning people into dogs, all digging up bones with no idea why they are digging, 'see em all running round with bones in their mouths, an then they drop em and they are like wheres my bone, what have I done with my bone, how am I gonna get my bone back, wankahs' apologies for the language but it seems to loose something without the swearing!

    I woke up this morning around 3am, with one thing and one thing on my mind, I started stroking Sians face, she was still asleep, her face tensed slightly, a mixture of being woken, guilt at the coming rejection she was about to subject me to, guilt at not feeling like I do, I saw the roofers face in my head, 'drop that facking bone', I stroked her nose and held her, I just want a cuddle I murmured, her face lightened and she opened her eyes, your wonderful, and we cuddled, I cuddled like a man, a free man, free of bones, not a randy teenager, it felt good, not being at the mercy of bones, I lay for an hour, contemplating bones, Sians was asleep again, but this time her face, peaceful, no guilt, no expectation, just happy peaceful, it was good to see, I felt something move in the bed, a hairy head was worming its way in the middle of us, Dan's face appeared 'hey dad, I'll kiss you' he seemed to say, and to that end, he gave me a huge wet kiss. wormed his way up, and cuddled me, as he often does, I stroked his head, he has the most beautiful eyes, sad, but beautiful, I held his head with both hands and we looked at each other, we have played this game since he was a very young pup, I think it was the first game we played. I hold his head 2 or 3 inches from mine, and we look at each other, then I stick my tongue out and put it back in, and he does the same, and we just lie there doing this for a few moments, me first then him, then me again, faster and faster until we collapse in a heap of cuddles and tongues, I rub his nose and get up, its 4.34 am, I head for the shop, chocolate peanuts and lucozade,

    its now 6.12 the sun is coming up, another day, people drive by the shop, looking in to see the strange man, head thrown back, singing hey little girl at the stop of his voice, its time to goto work, hope its a kick *** day
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