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  1. M

    General Can A Person Of Any Race Or Skin Color Convert To Sikhism ?

    Can a person of any race or skin color convert to Sikhism and become a Sikh ? Or is Sikhism only for one race or skln color ? Can a White Person or a Black Person or a Chinese Person convert and become a Sikh ? Is Sikhism a universal religion for all of humanity or humans ...
  2. R

    India Sonia Gandhi Had Skin Cancer

    NewsX exclusive: Sonia Gandhi had skin cancer ‪NewsX exclusive: Sonia Gandhi had skin cancer‬‏ - YouTube Rajneesh Madhok
  3. Shanger

    Why Do Paintings From The Gurus' Times Show Everyone With Light Skin?

    I've noticed this, in those pictures/paintings i see (not sure if they are old or new) but nearly always everyone has really light skin. examples There are many more of course, in India there are a lot of dark skinned people so why is it that IN GENERAL the artwork does not represent...
  4. HannahBanana

    General New Kara

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, I need help. I know I've asked before but I always get different answers. What are karas made of? I got one that I think is steel from a friend and I planned on wearing it all the time, only it irritates my skin. I have sensitive skin, always have...