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  1. H

    In Sikhism Is There Original Sin? Or Are Humans Morally Self-conscious Entities?

    dear members sat sri akal. base on sikhism is man a original sinner or a self conscious entity, responsible for his own actions and thoughts? please discuss and give your respected oppinions.
  2. TigerStyleZ

    Dishonoring Hair: Does One Mistake Make Me A Sinner Forever?

    WJKK WGJKF, My question is above. I did this when i was 13 years old, but not to make it look better, only because it itched very much. Are there any consequences for me, that Ive did that big sin. My parents weren´t much orthodox that they can enlight me, about it and it was very embarrassing...
  3. K

    The Story Of A Great Sinner - Ajaamal

    The story of a great sinner - Ajaamal by: Kulbir Singh piq Ajwml pwp kr jwie klwvqxI dy rihAw] path ajaamal paap kar jaae kalaavathanee dhae rehiaa|| Ajamil, the fallen sinner lived with a prostitute. gur qy bymuK hoiekY pwp kmwvy durmiq dihAw] gur thae baemukh hoeikai paap kamaavae dhuramath...