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sikhs in world war

  1. Admin

    World War 1 Lest We Forget - Remembering Sikh Soldiers On The 100th Anniversary Of Battle Gallipoli

    25th April 2015 is the 100th anniversary of Gallipoli, a disastrous campaign of World War 1. Whilst most of the world won't mention the contribution and bravery of the Sikh soldiers who were involved in the campaign, we do ! We salute their courage ! Lest we forget ...
  2. Admin

    'They Should Not Be Forgotten' - Sikh Man From Finchley Runs Marathon Dressed As Indian Solider

    A man was inspired to run a marathon to mark the “incredible sacrifices” of Indian soldiers during the First World War. Angad Singh, of Glebe Road, Finchley, and his friend Satnam Singh, 38, who lives in Slough, took on the Brighton Marathon to raise money for the UK Punjab Heritage Association...