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    Opinion Sadly Weep Our Daughters In The Land Of Five Rivers

    Sadly Weep our Daughters in the 'Land of Five Rivers'. ..For sadly weep our daughters in the 'Land of Five Rivers'. GOD….Are you a man or a woman? The pages of Sri Guru Granth Sahib are replete with many names for God, some are masculine in gender while others are feminine…But that...
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    Hell Has Five Rivers

    Magazine| Oct 22, 2007 punjab fiscal crisis Hell Has Five Rivers The sunshine state is staring at a debt trap CHANDER SUTA DOGRA Diminishing Returns Punjab's outstanding debt is a staggering Rs 52,764 crore 76% of revenue receipts goes towards salaries, pensions, interest Annual subsidy...
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    Sikh News Punjab To Use Rivers To Promote Tourism (Indian Express Via Yahoo! India News)

    River fronts in Punjab will now be used to promote tourism. The state government plans to develop select river fronts to attract tourists from world over with a host of water sport and other adventure activities. Broadly, the plan is to develop select river fronts as tourism destinations, where...
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    Land Of Five Rivers - Wake Up

    ::Panjaab's Water Dispute:: Drought The Energy Research Institute, a New Delhi think tank, says that already in an agriculture-based state such as Panjaab in the north, 98 percent of ground water has been exploited. The Forum for Bio-Technology and Food Security adds that if the trend...
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    Sikh News Land Of Five Rivers In Water Crisis And Water Chaos

    Land Of Five Rivers In Water Crisis And Water Chaos Wednesday 11th of October 2006 Courtesy - Umendra Dutt, Countercurrents.org Last month Punjab has been declared as the over all best state in the country...
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    If The Rivers Became Cows

    AMg 141 ang 141 Page 141 sloku mÚ 1 ] sulok mu 1 Shalok, First Mehl: ndIAw hovih Dyxvw suMm hovih duDu GIau ] nudheeaa hovehi dhaenuvaa sunm hovehi dhudh gheeo If the rivers became cows, giving milk, and the spring water became milk and ghee; sglI DrqI skr hovY KusI kry inq jIau ] sugulee...