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  1. B

    Mixed-Race Relationships And The Damage They Can Cause

    Hi everyone, as you may see from the title my problem can seem pretty simple. Three years ago i met my husband, Manj as i'll call him, has always been a hardworkimg bloke, the youngest of three sons from an indian family that had set up home here in the 60's the whole family are proud sikhs and...
  2. sskohli

    Pre/Post Marital Relationships

    Sat Sri Akal Sadh Sangat I know this is a controversial topic. It was bogging my mind for sooo many days now, i didn't know who to ask and where to go. Then suddenly right on cue, I got a mail from this post and i said wow, where else would i ask this question. So here it comes.... Infidelity is...
  3. M

    Interacial Relationships

    Ok i started dating this idian girl who is sikh and her parents "found out" about us tonight an im really worried about her...we are both 20 but her sister went crazy on me threatening to sic her cousins on me. Im caucasion, and i was wondering, is there somthing in the skih religeon that...
  4. N

    Interfaith Relationships

    Many of you are may be in interfaith relationships, and I thought the issues faced by interfaith couples might be worth discussing.