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  1. P

    Which Cuts Deeper ? - Regret Or Remorse!

    How is regret different from remorse?. Why is this even important to me now?. Some important decisions that will alter my life's course by more than a few compass points are pending and i was just contemplating the consequences of my action / inaction. Someday when i look back on this moment...
  2. jhelmick

    Question Regarding Regret & Sikh

    I am a college student seeking answers for a psychology assignment regarding how Sikhs (sp?) deal with regret, what causes it, what it does to your person, and how to live without it. Lastly, how important it is in Sikh faith. Below is the actual question given by my instructor: Choose a...
  3. Mai Harinder Kaur

    What I Have Learned From 1984

    What I Have Learned From 1984 For those who don't know me, a brief introduction. I am now a 58 year old Internet addict, writer and budding artist, of sorts. Twenty- six years ago, there was no Internet, I wrote occasionally and my artwork was primarily tie-dying my husband's turbans...