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  1. Inderjeet Kaur

    USA The Kennedy Assassination - Reflections After 50 Years

    Fifty years ago to the minute, I think, I got up, got dressed and was ready to leave for school when I, for reasons unknown even to me, decided not to go to school. I was 11 and, of course, I attended school on every weekday. My announcement was met with the expected, "Why aren't you going to...
  2. spnadmin

    Sikh Foundation Reflections On The Future Of Punjab's Economy

    Reflections on the Future of Punjab’s Economy: Arrested Development By Nirvikar Singh Professor of Economics and Sarbjit Singh Aurora Chair of Sikh and Punjabi Studies http://www.sikhfoundation.org/people-events/reflections-on-the-future-of-punjab%E2%80%99s-economy-arrested-development/...
  3. spnadmin

    Heritage Sikh Art: Reflections Of A Unique Spiritual, Secular Sikhism Identity

    Sikh Art: Reflections Of A Unique Spiritual, Secular Sikhism Identity See remarkable Photo Gallery at this link http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/12/sikh-art_n_1761653.html While Sikh art largely celebrates the unique spiritual and secular identity of the Sikh people, it also...
  4. namjiwankaur

    Christianity Reflections On The Immaculate Conception Of The Virgin Mary

    Sat Nam _/|\_ I have had a beautiful relationship with Mary peace be upon her the past several years. Today is Feast of Immaculate Conception of the Most Blessed Virgin Mary. Huffington Post has done a little article on it here. I am wondering how both the Sikhs and non-Sikhs here...
  5. Ishna

    Sikhism Divine Mystic Reflections On Gurmat

    Today I received a copy of Divine mystic reflections : talks and dialogues book 1 to borrow from the Gurdwara library. It was highly recommended to me. It is a collection of talks by Sant Naranjan Singh (compiled by Dr Harcharanjit Singh). I've found the spelling online is usually 'Niranjan'...
  6. Taranjeet singh

    Reflections On Gurmantar

    Moved from another thread at http://www.sikhphilosophy.net/sukhmani-sahib/37672-sukhmani-sahib-astpadi-1-sabad-1-a.html by spnadmin Waheguru Gurmantar Hai - Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskeen 01/02 - YouTube Sant Maskeen ji….on Vaheguru Mantar hey Waheguru Gurmantar Hai - Giani Sant...
  7. spnadmin

    Healing, Hope And Humanity: Reflections On The 10th Anniversary Of 9/11

    Tarunjit Singh Butalia, Secretary General of World Sikh Council - America Region | Columbus, OH Posted: 08:41 PM | September 07, 2011 Healing, Hope and Humanity: Reflections on the 10th Anniversary of 9/11 Several weeks ago I was visiting my doctor. On entering the small waiting room, a...
  8. spnadmin

    Reflections On The Bhujangi 2011

    Guest-blogged by Mewa Singh. Mewa Singh is a sevadar with the Jakara Movement. The term ‘bhujang’ has a Sanskritic base and is used to refer to a small snake. The Mughals and Afghans of the 18th century employed the term as a pejorative to refer to the Sikhs as ‘bhujangs.’ Try as they...
  9. spnadmin

    Islam Gurpreet Singh: Reflections On Islamophobia And Religious Extremism

    By Gurpreet Singh, July 16, 2011 As the South Asian Network for Secularism and Democracy (SANSAD) is getting ready for a public forum on Islamophobia in Vancouver this Sunday, fingers are pointing at the involvement of the Indian Mujahideen—a Muslim extremist group—as being behind recent...
  10. S

    Heritage Golden Temple: Reflections Of The Past (London)

    Sat Sri Akal. Don't miss the major new Golden Temple exhibition taking place in Central London this summer. The best of Sikh heritage and culture will be presented on the world stage, including priceless artefacts from Sikh history, rare paintings and photographs of the temple plus a series of...
  11. spnadmin

    Opinion "johnmaclithon" - Reflections On Receiving The Padma Shri

    Italian by birth and Roman Catholic by baptism by: johnmaclithon Posted on : April 14, 2011 I was surprised when the Congress party gave me a Padma Shri – I am the only foreign journalist to ever get it. For, in my forty years of political reporting in India, I have always been a vocal...
  12. spnadmin

    Islam The Problem Of Suffering: Muslim Theological Reflections

    Posted for SPN member Tejwant Singh ji Malik The Problem of Suffering: Muslim Theological Reflections Sherman A. Jackson Arthur F. Thurnau Professor of Arabic and Islamic Studies, University of Michigan Posted: September 18, 2010 07:51 PM Admin Note: The conversation below had me...
  13. spnadmin

    Sikhs Reflect And Object. Who Will Cast The First Stone?

    Sikhism: Reflections on objections, judgments and casting the first stone. For the week of July 7 through 13 the Internet magazine, SikhChic, found itself reflecting on some essential questions: Who is a Sikh? Who is not a true Sikh? And should they report on people in the news who do not fit...
  14. Admin

    Reflections On The United States: Interrogating Dominance

    Reflections on the United States: Interrogating Dominance by Richard Shapiro How do we think the unthinkable? How do we continue to think in a world that produces horror, catastrophe, deprivation and socially unnecessary death as a regular consequence of its normal functioning? How do we...
  15. spnadmin

    Politics 25th Death Anniversary -- A Moment In Time: Reflections On Indira

    25th Death Anniversary -- A Moment in Time: Reflections on Indira GandhiBy PREETI CHANDAN indiawest.comNovember 05, 2009 03:21:00 PM It was one of those moments in time for Indians, one about which they would say even years later, “I clearly remember where I was when I heard the news.” The...
  16. AusDesi

    In Times Of A Soul's Passing: Reflections On Heaven And Hell In Sikhism

    In the status of the deceased, the best answer is to tell the people who lost someone what they want to hear. No one would say "sorry to tell you but your grandma is in hell looking up at you".
  17. S

    Bhagats In Love With Ignorance: Reflections On The Bani Of Guru Ram Das And Sant Ravidas

    ਜਦ ਤਕ ਮਨ ਸੰਤੋਖੀ ਨਹੀ ਹੁੰਦਾ (ਮਰਦਾ ਨਹੀ) ਓਨਾ ਚਿਰ, ਪੁਲਿੰਗ (ਮੇਲ, gender) ਹੈ ! ਇਸਦੇ ਮਾਰਨ ਤੌ ਬਾਅਦ ਬੁਧੀ=ਅਕਲ ਦੀ ਪਰਧਾਨਗੀ ਆ ਜਾਂਦੀ ਹੈ, ਤਾਂ ਇਹ ਜੀਵ ਆਤਮਾ, ਤ੍ਰੀਆ (ਬਿਬੇਕ ਬੁਧੀ ) ਕਹਾਉਂਦੀ ਹੈ ! ਸਬਦ : ਪੁਲਿੰਗ , male, ਕੰਤ , ਗੁਰੂ ਹੈ ! Surat : ਇਸਤ੍ਰੀਲਿੰਗ , female, ਚੇਲਾ , ਤ੍ਰੀਆ ਹੈ ! Page 342, Line 15 ਅਲਪ ਸੁਖ...
  18. Astroboy

    Divine Mystic Reflections On Gurmat

    Click here > Untitled Page I have to thank Sharan Ji for this link.
  19. B

    Sikhism Divine Mystic Reflections On Gurmat

    These are excellent books (Book 1 and 2). Very inspiring, deep and practical discussing on Gurmat with ample quotations from Gurbani. If you are serious about Sikhi, then this set is one of the must read books. Books are in English. Available for free at www.sikhnation.com
  20. Archived_Member16

    Reflections Of Self

    Reflections Of Self We Are All Mirrors For Each Other When we look at other people, we see many of their qualities in innumerable and seemingly random combinations. However, the qualities that we see in the people around us are directly related to the traits that exist in us. "Like attracts...