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  1. spnadmin

    USA The Great Divide: Little Common Ground On Gun Control

    More than once forum members are appalled and disgusted by what they view as "typical" American values, attitudes, norms. The US is seen as a backward or evil or too liberal or too conservative or morally bankrupt or materialistic or sadistic or imperialistic or racist or intolerant nation. How...
  2. Ishna

    Bani Pro - Good Pronunciation?

    Hello Has anyone here listened to the Bani Pro CDs by Rajnarind Kaur? Is the pronunciation accurate? I find it challenging at times to keep up with Dya Singh ji and she is much slower and clearer. I just don't want to fall into bad habits. Many thanks in advance. Ishna
  3. R

    Pro Dasam Granth Anti Sikh Panth

    This post is not directed against DG itself. I am not condemning DG in this thread. My post object is try to understand why in modern times the majority of DG followers are Anti Panth. Bhindranwale was a great Sikh martyr, but belongs to a minority group who both believed in DG and Died for...
  4. S

    Apple Executives Discuss Final Cut Pro Studio (MacCentral)

    MacCentral - At a special event in Las Vegas on Sunday, Apple Computer launched Final Cut Studio, a suite of new applications designed to give its professional users a firm grip on the burgeoning HD market. The suite includes upgraded versions of Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Motion and a new...