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new to sikhism

  1. N

    Finding a Sangat

    Hello, I hesitate to call myself Sikh but I do chant the Japji in the morning and do Naam Simran. My spiritual practice has been primarily solitary with occasions of short visits to one of the local Gurdwaras. I don't usually talk to anyone when I visit as I often feel out of place. The...
  2. Admin

    How Sikhs Made Me Who I Am: Part 1

    This post is part one of a 2-part series of my reflection on Sikhism in the wake of the August 5th, 2012 shooting in Wisconsin. I intended to only write one article (on the topic of part 2), but as I wrote, this is what came. After the tragic shooting at a gurudwara in Wisconsin on August 5th...
  3. B

    New To Sikhism, I Have Questions

    Hi, Let me tell you about myself. I'm in a commited relationship with two children. My partner and I are not currently a part of any religion, she enjoys some aspects of buddhism but wouldn't call herself a buddhist. I myself don't lable myself for the most part, but for the sake of it you...
  4. Astroboy

    Kirtan With English Sub-titles

    Raag Yaman Kalyan in Gurbani Kirtan While you are listening to kirtan video clips with English Transliterations, you might want to identify the particular raag in which it's being sung. The professional musicians will always attempt to sing the shabad in the prescribed raag. But most...