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nanak shah fakir

  1. Admin

    Harinder Sikka Withdraws Nanak Shah Fakir Movie

    Amritsar, April 21: Harinder Sikka, the producer of the controversial Punjabi film ‘Nanak Shah Fakir’ has announced to withdraw the film for time being. Would release film after clearance from Akal Takht: Sikka. He has announced that the film would be released after clearing all the objections...
  2. IJSingh

    Nanak Shah Fakir: The Dilemma & The Solution By I.j. Singh & Rajwant Singh

    First a summary of the issues! Let one thing be clearly understood. History tells us that that no Founding-Guru of Sikhi – not one of the ten – ever sat for a picture or a painting. There exists no record in words, or sketch of what any Guru looked like. Sikhi is absolutely clear -- no one...
  3. Admin

    If The Film "nanak Shah Fakeer" Should Allowed To Be Released?

    Harinder Sikka, the now disputed director of the movie claims that with the blessing of someone (who? :rolleyes:), he had Guru Nanak Saheb coming in his dreams for not one but seven straights nights to inspire him to make this movie... So, what he may be depicting in this movie would be...
  4. Admin

    Movies Nanak Shah Fakir - A Biopic On Guru Nanak Saheb

    Preface : Harinder Singh Sikka, Producer. The film 'Nanak Shah Fakir' is a dream that I saw by His grace. Guru Nanak was called Shah by the Hindus, Fakir by the Muslims (both titles considered to be the highest in the respective religions). Gurbani has thus, at many places, addressed the Guru...