mool mantra

  1. Dalvinder Singh Grewal

    Scientific Explanation Of Mool Mantra

    Scientific explanation of Mool Mantra Dr Dalvinder Singh Grewal Singularity of origin of umiverse: The origin of the entire universe lies in one single point i.e., Ik Ongkaar. It is a known fact now that the universe is...
  2. SukhmeetSingh Guruwada

    Mool Mantra Ka Jaadu!

    "MOOL MANTAR" MUST READ & SHARE STORY OF "General Ayub Khan, former President of Pakistan" "I used to study at a place name Aibtabaad. I used to get the beatings from teacher (Maulvi) everyday as I was the weakest student of my class. One day I became determined that I will not go to school...
  3. nrkalee

    Gun Gobind Gayo Nahi

    Gun gobind gayo nahi, janam akarath keen, kahe nanak, har bhaj mana, joi bid jal ko meen I have not sung the praises of Govind (Hari, Krishna) and wasted my entire life. Nanak says, o mind, sing the praises of Hari (Govind, Krishna) ceaselessly, and immerse yourself in this chant just like...
  4. A

    Pauri 1 Japji Sahib - Pauri 1

    Dear Members, In this posting, I share with you my understanding of 1st Pauri of Japji Sahib. Awid scu jugwid scu ] aad sach jugaad sach. hY BI scu nwnk hosI BI scu ]1] hai bhee sach naanak hosee bhee sach. ||1|| Guru Sahib is telling us that the ‘Karta Purakh’ mentioned in the ‘Mool Mantra’...