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    Sikh News India's Human Rights Record Poor, Says US (Sify News)

    The US State Department has said in a report that despite being a vibrant democracy with strong constitutional protections, India's human rights enforcement record has been 'poor' and needs improvement...
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    Sikh News India's Human Rights Record Poor: US (Sify News)

    India's human rights enforcement record has been "poor" and needed improvement, the United States has said in a report.*http%3A//
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    India's Response To Tsunami Raises Its Stature: US Daily

    India's response to tsunami raises its stature: US daily Washington, Jan. 20 (PTI): India's effective response to the tsunami disaster at home and its major role in helping neighbouring countries has underscored its emergence in recent years as "an increasingly potent diplomatic and economic...
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    Sikh News India's 'Untouchables' Experience Spiritual Awakening, Mass India's 'Untouchables' Experience Spiritual Awakening, Mass ... - 10 hours ago ... Sikh and Hindu villagers also attend and arrive in big numbers at public meeting grounds in regions such as Firozpur, close to Pakistan. ...
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    Sikh News Film On India's '84 Anti-Sikh Riots Film on India's '84 anti-Sikh riots Financial, Bangladesh - Dec 11, 2004 BOMBAY, Dec 11 (AFP) : US-based Shonali Bose is set to release a film next month depicting anti-Sikh riots that...
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    Sikh News Twenty Years On, India's Sikh Widows Wait For Justice

    31 Oct 2004 09:48:24 GMT Source: Reuters By Sugita Katyal NEW DELHI, Oct 31 (Reuters) - It's a memory that will haunt Ravel Kaur for the rest of her life. A day after Indian prime minister Indira Gandhi was killed by her Sikh bodyguards 20 years ago, an angry mob invaded Kaur's New...