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  1. A

    Is This The End?

    Jawarlal nehru once said," Most of the big Empires fell not because of external forces but because of the crumbling within." Same is true for our religion. We fought the hardest battles but is on the verge to loose because of our own people. In my school's class, out of total 20 boys, 18 were...
  2. Tejwant Singh

    Sikh Coalition Sikh Soldier Presses To End Ban On Sikh Military Service VIDEO/PHOTO

    Decorated Sikh Soldier Presses for End to Ban on Sikh Military Service WASHINGTON, DC (June 1, 2013) – Major Kamaljeet Singh Kalsi [ http://www.army.mil/article/49223 ] --- a decorated US Army soldier who in 2009 received an exception to a decades-old rule barring Sikh turbans and unshorn hair...
  3. spnadmin

    Malaysia The End Of The Road For Reform In Malaysia

    The end of the road for reform by Vikraman Selvaraja http://www.themalaysianinsider.com/sideviews/article/the-end-of-the-road-for-reform-vikraman-selvaraja/ May 06, 2013 MAY 6 — As a young Malaysian working in Australia, I always harboured the vague hope that at some point, in some...
  4. Archived_Member16

    USA The End Of A Catholic Moment

    The End of a Catholic Moment By ROSS DOUTHAT - THE NEW YORK TIMES - February 16, 2013 THE last time the Chair of St. Peter stood vacant, during Pope John Paul II’s funeral in 2005, the Roman Catholic Church enjoyed a wave of unusually favorable coverage from the American press. The...
  5. Admin

    World The End Of The World? Terror Over Russian Meteor

    Moscow: "I was driving in the car across the square. Suddenly the square lit up with a bright, bright light, not a normal light," said Vasily Rozhko. "There was literally three or four seconds of bright light, then back to normal. As I could see from the car, this trail appeared. Then when I...
  6. spnadmin

    United Sikhs End Of Year Support For United Sikhs Aid Projects !

    END OF YEAR SUPPORT FOR UNITED SIKHS' AID PROJECTS ! The astonishing work of United Sikhs can be read at this link, where numerous projects and impact statistics are documented http://unitedsikhs.org/PressReleases/PRSRLS-30-12-2012-00.html UNITED SIKHS' AID- provides non-partisan global...
  7. findingmyway

    United Sikhs Join Us To End Racial Profiling!

    Join us as we unite with individuals & organizations around the nation to take a stand against racial profiling. Click here to send a letter to your Senators to urge them to co-sponsor and support the...
  8. Kanwaljit.Singh

    Sikhi - The End Game

    http://www.sikharchives.com/?p=13899 Excerpt: You lose a war when you are out-classed and out-gunned. You lose a war when you are out-brained. It appears that it is pretty much endgame for the Sikhs. They are like Menachem Begin said: “Drugged {censored}roaches in a bottle“. No Attila The Hun to...
  9. Ambarsaria

    SciTech Stephen Hawking: Colonize Space Or End The Human Race

    Professor Stephen Hawking, one of the most famous theoretical physicists in the world, just celebrated his 70th birthday, despite suffering from Lou Gehrig's disease that has rendered him wheel chair bound and dependent on computers to communicate. In a radio interview marking his...
  10. spnadmin

    Building Bridges Of Freedom: The Interfaith Movement To End Slavery

    by Rabbi Rachel Kahn What do a minister, a rabbi and a nun have in common? In the case of myself, Reverend David Schilling of the Interfaith Center for Corporate Responsibility and Sister Estrella Castalone of Talitha Kum, it is the fierce desire to see an end to modern slavery. David's...
  11. spnadmin

    SALDEF Stand-Up For Religious Diversity In The Workplace; End Discriminatory Treatment Of Sikh American Par

    (Washington D.C., 5/26/2011) - Since 2008, Sahaj Singh Khalsa, a Sikh American paramedic from New Mexico, has been discriminated against by his employer because of his mandated religious identity. Mr. Khalsa has endured disparaging remarks and threats, and, in one incident, was even physically...
  12. H

    General End Of The World

    Is there an end of the world day written in Shri Guru Granth Saib ji? or anything that relates to that?
  13. spnadmin

    Is Death The End? Experiments Suggest You Create Time

    When I was young, I stayed at my neighbor's house. They had a grandfather clock. Between the tick and the tock of the pendulum, I lay awake thinking about the perverse nature of time. Mr. O'Donnell is gone now. His wife Barbara, now in her nineties, greets me with her cane when I go back to...
  14. Archived_Member16

    Canada 4 In 10 1st Marriages End In Divorce: Report

    4 in 10 1st marriages end in divorce: report Vanier Institute of the Family Mon Oct 4, 1:29 PM The traditional definition of family is changing in Canada, with 4 in 10 first marriages ending in divorce, according to a new study. For the first time in Canadian history, there are more...
  15. spnadmin

    Legal Sikhs, Muslims Seek And End To Racial Profiling

    Sikhs, Muslims seek end to racial profiling 2010-06-18 19:30:00 Sikh, Muslim and African-American groups have related stories of being racially profiled across the US to lawmakers as...
  16. spnadmin

    Sikh Coalition Oregon Governor Poised To End Sikh Teacher Ban

    Oregon Governor Poised to End Sikh Teacher Ban Your Voices Made a Difference [ https://secure.groundspring.org/dn/index.php?aid=2563 ] March 29, 2010 (Washington, DC) - One month after Oregon's legislature voted by landslide margins to end the state's 87-year-old ban on religious...
  17. spnadmin

    Islam End Product Of A Culture Of Violence (Opinion)

    http://www.expressbuzz.com/edition/story.aspx?Title=End+product+of+a+culture+of+violence End product of a culture of violence Balbir K Punj The brutal beheading of two Sikh civilian captives by the Pakistani Taliban, who still hold three more captives from the same community, poses a...
  18. Vikram singh

    Hinduism Can You See The End Of Superstition?

    Up to a million Hindu devotees gathered on Tuesday in a village in Nepal to witness the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of animals in a mass sacrifice that has drawn widespread criticism. Worshippers travelled long distances, many coming from India, to attend the two-day...
  19. O

    Why Desire To End Reincarnation?

    Is it for a union with the Creator or a desire to free yourself from the Creation?
  20. AdsKhalsa

    Sikh News Queen Asked Ranjit Singh's Wife To End Sikh Dynasty: Book

    LONDON: Queen Victoria instructed the wife of the grandson of Maharaja Ranjit Singh not to have children in a bid to maintain the hold of the British Raj over the Sikh kingdom in Punjab, a new book has claimed. Queen Victoria instructed Lady Anne Alice Blanche, the aristocratic English wife of...