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United Sikhs End Of Year Support For United Sikhs Aid Projects !


1947-2014 (Archived)
Jun 17, 2004

The astonishing work of United Sikhs can be read at this link, where numerous projects and impact statistics are documented


UNITED SIKHS' AID- provides non-partisan global humanitarian disaster relief services, which not only provide immediate aid but also rehabilitation help to the needy.


Nearly 20 projects have been undertaken, making UNITED SIKHS the only Sikh organization to work at an international level.

  • Our UNITED SIKHS aid highlight projects for 2012 are:
  • Mother Child Clinic in Goraya, Panjab
  • Hurricane Sandy relief efforts
  • Guru Nanak Food Pantry in LA

We need your continued support in 2013 so we can serve the community and take our work to the next level.


$ 1 is what's needed to provide medical care at UNITED SIKHS' Mother Child Clinic in Punjab.

This clinic was started near Goraya, Punjab, on the day of Vaisakhi in 2012. Since then, free medication and treatment has been provided to over 5000 patients from 5 nearby villages. UNITED SIKHS' 2013 goal is to touch 100 lives every day by promoting wellness as well as providing basic urgent care to underserved poor communities to the surrounding 10 villages. Prior to the opening, the nearest paid clinic was at 6 KM distance.

Will you join us in bringing healthcare to at least 100 mothers and their children in Punjab every day next year?

Types of services include maternity checkup, asthma, vaccinations, lab tests and other routine pediatric and gynecology services. The clinic also promotes wellness in the community by educating the farmers on correct use of pesticides and related cancer issues.

The clinic also imparts computer education to interested local children. Your $1 will provide free medicines to 1 mother or child in Punjab.

Guru Nanak Food Pantry

The Guru Nanak Food Pantry is a collaboration of United Sikhs and the Orange County Second Harvest Food Bank. The Pantry derived its purpose to serve the greater Orange County area from a cornerstone tradition in the Sikh faith known as langar, which literally means kitchen and spiritually can be defined as sacred food service or divine dining.

Location: 14511 Franklin Ave, suite 160 Tustin, CA 92780.

Open every Saturday 8:30- 11:30 am.

Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts

Hurricane Sandy's economic toll exceeded $ 60 billion in damages after the biggest Atlantic storm slammed into the Eastern U.S., damaging homes and offices and flooding subways in America's most populated cities of New Jersey, New York, to name a couple.

UNITED SIKHS First Response Team worked directly with shelters to assess needs and Gurdwaras to facilitate the preparation of the hot meals.

As we progress into 2013 with an undeterred vision to continue to provide selfless sewa, we request you to support these projects with us.

Make Your Impact Now By Clicking Here.

Issued By-
Gurvinder Singh
Phone-1-888-243-1690, 1-646-315-3909
Contact us | Follow us on Facebook and Twitter

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