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  1. Admin

    Legal Another Baba Bites The Dust!

    Another baba Bites The Dust by ADAM WAGNER Jeet Singh v. Eastern Media Group & Anor [2010] EWHC 1294 (QB) (17 May 2010) The English High Court has effectively thrown out a libel action against a journalist who claimed in an article that a baba was a "cult leader". The judge's...
  2. spnadmin

    SciTech Probe May Have Found Cosmic Dust

    Probe may have found cosmic dust BBC News - Probe may have found cosmic dust ]Scientists may have identified the first specks of interstellar dust in material collected by the US space agency's Stardust spacecraft.[/B] A stream of this dust flows through space; the tiny...
  3. Archived_member7

    Turmeric The Golden Dust Of Ayurveda

    Use of Turmeric – Turmeric Ayurvedic Applications Turmeric Ayurvedic Use : | Synopsis of Turmeric’s Healing Properties | Remedies | Synopsis of Turmeric’s Healing Properties Besides flavoring food, to purify the blood and skin conditions remedy is probably the most common use of Turmeric in...
  4. A

    I Am The Dust Of Your Feet

    Nanak Bani Nirankaar Paarbrahm Parmesar SGGS JI ANG 716 SATGURU PRASAAD todee mehlaa 5. Todee, Fifth Mehl: parabh tayray pag kee Dhoor. O God, I am the dust of Your feet. deen da-i-aal pareetam manmohan kar kirpaa mayree lochaa poor. rahaa-o. O...
  5. Archived_Member16

    Be The Dust Of All !

    This Shabad is by Guru Arjan Dev Ji in Raag Gauree on Pannaa 278 koit krm krY hau Dwry ] sRmu pwvY sgly ibrQwry ] Aink qpisAw kry AhMkwr ] nrk surg iPir iPir Avqwr ] Aink jqn kir Awqm nhI dRvY ] hir drgh khu kYsy gvY ] Awps kau jo Blw khwvY ] iqsih BlweI inkit n AwvY ] srb kI ryn jw kw mnu...