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  1. P

    Within The Creator Resides

    WITHIN THE CREATOR RESIDES Satguru Nanak starts Japji Sahib with a possible definition of our Creator in very powerful words “ekonkar, satnaam, karta purkh, nirbhao nirvair, akaal murt, ajuni swembh gurparsad"meaning there is only one Creator, only His existence is true, He is the only...
  2. spnadmin

    Why Did He Create His Creation?

    The Creator of everything stands in the middle of His creation. He is our Friend. He has given us the way to salvation, teaching us that even when we too stand in the middle of his reality, there is something greater. In service to Him we will never be beggars at the door of the mean and wicked...
  3. S

    Entire Universe Is The Form Of The Creator

    Entire Universe is His form, He is All. English Translation(source SikhiToTheMax): Raag Bilaaval, Fifth Mehl, Fourth House: One Universal Creator God. By The Grace Of The True Guru: The entire Universe is the form of the One Lord. He Himself is the trade, and He Himself is the trader. ||1||...
  4. S

    Who Is The Lord Of Nanak Ji

    jnu nwnku musik JkoilAw sBu jnmu Dnu DMnw ]1] (449-1, Awsw, mÚ 4) Servant Nanak is drenched with His Fragrance; blessed, blessed is his entire life. ||1|| hir pRym bwxI mnu mwirAw AxIAwly AxIAw rwm rwjy ] (449-1, Awsw, mÚ 4) The Bani of the Lord's Love is the pointed arrow, which has pierced my...
  5. S

    Guru Arjan : The Creator

    sd jIvxu Arjunu Amolu AwjonI sMBau ] (1407-11, sveIey mhly pMjvyN ky, kl´) O Guru Arjun, You are Eternal, Invaluable, Unborn, Self-existent, BX BMjnu pr duK invwru Apwru AnµBau ] (1407-11, sveIey mhly pMjvyN ky, kl´) the Destroyer of fear, the Dispeller of pain, Infinite and Fearless. Agh ghxu...
  6. S

    Nanak Is The Guru, Nanak Is The Lord Himself

    gur kw sbdu n mytY koie ] (864-19, goNf, mÚ 5) No one can erase the Word of the Guru's Shabad. gurunwnku nwnku hir soie ]4]7]9] (864-19, goNf, mÚ 5) Nanak is the Guru; Nanak is the Lord Himself. ||4||7||9|| These are the Vaaks from Guru Arjan dev ji maharaj. I am not able to proceed further as...
  7. S

    Creator And Creation

  8. S

    Creator As Per Gurbani

    SCANNED siq suhwxu sdw min cwau ] (4-16, jpu, mÚ 1) He is Beautiful, True and Eternally Joyful. kvxu su vylw vKqu kvxu kvx iQiq kvxu vwru ] (4-16, jpu, mÚ 1) What was that time, and what was that moment? What was that day, and what was that date? kvix is ruqI mwhu kvxu ijqu hoAw Awkwru ] (4-17...
  9. Astroboy

    Who's God ?

    Ever asked this question - Who's God ? Many times I suppose. Now look into this video. YouTube - Who is God?
  10. azizrasul

    Islam Creation In Islam

    Salaamu Aleykum Everyone, This is my first post. I emanate from Pakistan but live in the UK. I'm currently an IT consultant but was originally an Electronic Engineer. I wanted to begin my life here with the Islamic view of how the universe was created by extracting passages from my book...
  11. A

    Karma And The Creator

    All, My knowledge of Sikhi is almost zero. Some questions have arisen for which I would like to know the answer. So I put forward them here on this forum with the hope that some knowledgable person will be able to answer them. Here are the questions. What is Karma according to Sikh...