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  1. spnadmin

    UK Leicestershire Sikh's Inundated With Clothes Donations After Appeal

    Leicestershire Sikh's inundated with clothes donations after appeal By Leicester Mercury Organisers of a clothes appeal for three charities say they have been inundated with donations from generous people and groups. The Leicestershire Sikh Alliance and KAURageous Leicester launched...
  2. M

    English Clothes?

    I would just like the views of people on this topic so that i can compare them to mine. I am always told to wear suits to the gurdwara and I sometimes do , but I don't know whats wrong with English clothes? Youngsters are always told by their family to wear Punjabi clothes to the gurdwara but if...
  3. K

    Donate Your Old Clothes In India

    http://ekjodikapda.com The above NGO is doing fantastic job by collecting old clothes from people and taking them to poor Indian villages.Those who are in India should become part of this and donate their old clothes to their Drop boxes
  4. N

    Change Of Clothes And Name

    I have two questions. First when someone decides to follow Sikhism do they have to change their whole name or could they just use kaur or singh as a last or middle name without changing the first? 2nd besides the five K's do unbaptized Sikhs have to wear Punjabi clothes? What about the Khalsa...
  5. svea00

    Sects White Sikhs, White Clothes?

    Sat sri akal everyone! I have a question that has been bothering me for quite a while. Why do these white sikhs in the us, but also in europe wear white clothes and white turbans? Has it something to do with kundalini yoga, cause I´ve seen them wearing white too. Beyond that... another...