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  1. BlazinSikh

    Christianity Has The Text Of The Bible Changed Over Centuries?

    Hey eveyone has a sikh i have respect for many religion and one of them is christianity. i would like to know has the bible been tampered with over the years? THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS BlazinSikh ji I have deleted much of your opening statement because it opens the door to abuses of all kinds...
  2. B

    Sikh Prayer Help

    Sat Sri Akaal to everyone, This is my first post on Sikhphilosophy, although I have been browsing the website for a while now. I am Punjabi and born in Australia and I consider myself very fortunate to be born into Sikhism however I do find it hard at the Gurdwara to understand because I...
  3. D

    Christianity Human Rationality & Christanity

    I am a true Christian. I do not believe the human rationality and introduction of God through the human body. Can you explain? ====================== Ans). What is the meaning of human rationality? Does it mean What ever the human being says, rational (Reasonable) or irrational...