1. Harry Haller

    UK Comment: Harmander Singh Is Wrong To Say You Can’t Be A Sikh And Support Equal Marriage

    Writing for, Hardeep Singh says the recent anti-equal marriage remarks expressed by the founder and principal adviser of Sikhs in England gives only one view of his religion. I’m deeply saddened to read these comments by Mr Singh. PinkNews hardly reports on any gay Sikh related...
  2. Archived_Member16

    India Man Can’t Force Wife To Conceive, Rules High Court

    Man can’t force wife to conceive, rules high court Saurabh Malik/TNS Chandigarh, February 11 In a first, the Punjab and Haryana High Court has ruled that a husband cannot compel his wife to conceive and give birth to his child. Making it clear that relationships that know no limits too...
  3. R

    Legal Live-in Partners Can’t Complain Of Infidelity, Says Delhi High Court

    A partner in a live-in relationship can walk out of it without any legal consequence and people cannot complain of infidelity if one partner in a live-in relationship ditches the other, the Delhi high court said today. "Live-in relationship is a walk-in and walk-out relationship," Justice...
  4. spnadmin

    India India Warns It Will Block BlackBerry Traffic That It Can’t Monitor

    By VIKAS BAJAJ Published: August 12, 2010 MUMBAI, India — The Indian government said Thursday that it would block encrypted BlackBerry corporate e-mail and messenger services if wireless companies did not enable law enforcement authorities to monitor those messages by the end of the...
  5. K

    I Was Told: You Can’t Get A Packet Of Bidis For Rs 5, And You Want Heart Surgery?

    When he first proposed his model for micro-health insurance, people laughed in his face. Today, it’s being studied by the world’s top business schools. Dr Devi Shetty, chairperson of Narayana Hrudayalaya, Bangalore, talks to Neelesh Misra about his dream of inclusive healthcare... As a doctor...
  6. Admin

    Sikh News You Can’t Offend Waris Ahluwalia

    Waris Ahluwalia — best known for his roles in Wes Anderson movies and his House of Waris jewelry line — looked at us quizzically at Saturday's Elise Overland presentation, as though trying to remember if he'd met us before. "I actively chose a while ago to go, I'm not going to remember...