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  1. K

    Preschool Weights And Heights Of Europeans And Five Subgroups Of Asians In Britain

    http://adc.bmj.com/content/71/3/207.abstract Abstract Heights and weights of five subgroups of Asian (545) and European children (685) were recorded after birth, at 1 year, 2 years, and at 5 years. Asian children were divided into Muslim Gujarati, Muslim Pakistani, Muslim Bangladeshi...
  2. Archived_Member16

    Archaeologists Discover Britain's Oldest Home

    Archaeologists discover Britain's oldest home By David Keys, Archaeology Correspondent Wednesday, 11 August 2010 Archaeologists have found Britain's earliest house - constructed by Stone Age tribesmen around 11,000 years ago. The discovery is likely to change the way archaeologists view...
  3. Archived_Member16

    Events Call For Recognition Of Sikh Soldiers Who Died For Britain

    Monday August 9, 2010 Sikh Sacrifice Call for recognition of Sikh soldiers who died for Britain THE Sikh community are calling on the government to officially recognise the sacrifice made by Sikhs for the British Army. THE former head of the British Army, Sir Richard Dannatt, helped...
  4. Admin

    Harleen Kaur Nottay: Britain's Next Top Model?

    Harleen Kaur Nottay admits she has had an “internal struggle” balancing her cultural beliefs with the modelling competition. Interview: http://video.stv.tv/?bcpid=37654293001&bctid=111702110001 Britain’s Next Top Model contestant Harleen admits her journey into the final 14 was plagued with...
  5. spnadmin

    UK Britain Delays New EU Airport Security Rules Over Sikh Concerns

    Britain delays new EU airport security rules over Sikh concerns- Hindustan Times Indo-Asian...
  6. spnadmin

    UK Hideously Diverse Britain: What Makes A Sikh Join The Far Right? (Editorial)

    Hideously diverse Britain: What makes a Sikh join the far right? It's hard not to raise an eyebrow . . . Because there is one born every minute, and remembering even numbskulls are free to do what they like, it is as well not to be too easily...
  7. spnadmin

    Gurinder Chadha's 'mainstream' Vision Of Britain

    Gurinder Chadha's 'mainstream' vision of Britain (Video) See Video at BBC News - Hardtalk - Gurinder Chadha's 'mainstream' vision of Britain Gurinder Chadha is one of Britain's leading film directors. She makes films that are quintessentially British but that also...
  8. Tejwant Singh

    World Nick Clegg: 'Cleggmania' Sweeps Britain, Liberal Democrats Surge In Polls - But Tails OFF As They Fo

    Nick Clegg: 'Cleggmania' Sweeps Britain, Liberal Democrats Surge In Polls Nick Clegg: 'Cleggmania' Sweeps Britain, Liberal Democrats Surge In Polls A week ago, most people in Britain considered Nick Clegg, the "little-known leader" of the Liberal Democrats, to be, by all measures, a long...
  9. Tejwant Singh

    Controversial India Clashes With Britain Over Equality Bill Racism Law

    India clashes with Britain over Equality Bill racism law India is set to clash with Britain over Westminster' s new Equality Bill which outlaws caste discrimination as a form of racism. Dean Nelson, in New Delhi Published: 6:50PM BST 31 Mar 2010 The bill, which has been passed in...
  10. Admin

    Partition Britain's Shameful Flight

    Britain's Shameful Flight by STANLEY WOLPERT Stanley Wolpert is Professor of History Emeritus at the University of California, Los Angeles, U.S.A. His book, Shameful Flight: The Last Years of the British Empire in India, provides a vivid...
  11. Admin

    Is Britain Turning A Blind Eye To Domestic Violence?

    Domestic violence is so unmentionable that it seems not to exist in the UK’s Indian community. It isn’t talked about, it isn’t revealed and it certainly isn’t tackled. Many Indian women are reluctant and too fearful to seek help. Reporting from London SHAMLAL PURI investigates the plight of...
  12. spnadmin

    Arts/Society Our Shameful Treatment Of Britain's Sikh Saviours

    Our shameful treatment of Britain's Sikh Saviors The British cartoon group Sikhtoons sent this cartoon as a response to the article With the deployment of two turbaned guards at Buckingham Palace this...
  13. Admin

    Tackling Religious Violence In Britain

    by H Singh on Sun 26 Jul 2009 12:49 PM BST There has been much recent effort by organisations to curtail conflict between Sikh & Muslim youth in Britain. An honest reflection on the current state of affairs is required. A year on from Government funded bilateral dialogue between the faiths...
  14. Tejwant Singh

    Politics For 300 Years Britain Has Outsourced Mayhem

    Why now? It's not as if this is the first time Britain's representatives have been caught out. The history of governments in all countries is the history of scandal, as those who rise to the top are generally the most ambitious, ruthless and unscrupulous people politics can produce. Pushing...
  15. dalsingh

    Politics Neo Nazis Win Seats To Represent Britain In Europe

    Whilst America seems to have moved in a more liberal direction with the election of the first Afro-American president, some European countries seem to have gone in the other direction and we are witnessing an increase in support for extreme right wing parties. Surprisingly, the BNP (a party with...
  16. Archived_Member16

    Indian-born MP Wants Caste Bias Banned In Britain

    Indian-born MP wants caste bias banned in Britain Africa Leader Tuesday 12th May, 2009 (IANS) A draft bill designed to promote social equality must also try and erase caste-based discrimination that is rampant among South Asians in Britain, an Indian-born MP says. Virendra Sharma, MP...
  17. dalsingh

    Maharaj Ranjit Singh's Granddaughter A Feminist Rebel In Britain!

    Here's a short film about Maharajah Dhuleep Singh. I found the bit about Princess Sophia really fascinating. She seems like a really feisty lady. Seems like she inherited her grandfather's spirit. YouTube - Maharajah Duleep Singh - BBC1 Inside Out 2004
  18. Admin

    Sikhism The Sikhs In Britain: 150 Years Of Photographs

    The Sikhs in Britain: 150 Years of Photographs by By Peter Bance Buy This Book from SPN Store Editorial Reviews Synopsis The Sikhs were the first race to migrate in large numbers from the Asian sub-continent to Britain. During three major periods of mass migration - 1900, 1950s and 1970s -...
  19. dalsingh

    Religious Strife In Britain

    Interesting clip from a documentary. I wonder if such strife is unique to the UK? YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.
  20. desilegend

    General Do You Follow Britain's Got Talent Show? Michael Jackson Bhagra Style

    Hi everyone! Do you follow Britain's got talent show? Michael Jackson does bhagra :happy: Madhu Singh and Suleman Mirza is amazing duo! You should see it... Too read more and see video - click here Enjoy!:up: