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  1. Admin

    Arts/Society Your Religious Beliefs Alter Your Brain

    A neuroscientist at the University of Pennsylvania, Andrew Newberg has done medical brain image scans on Franciscan nuns, Buddhists, Pentecostals, Sikhs and Sufis as they pray or meditate, all in his quest to map the effects of spirituality on the mind. The author of How God Changes Your Brain...
  2. spnadmin

    SciTech The God Chemical: Brain Chemistry And Mysticism (Part 1 Of A 5 Part Series)

    The God Chemical: Brain Chemistry And Mysticism by Barbara Bradley Hagerty For much of the 20th century, mainstream science shied away from studying spirituality. Sigmund Freud declared God to be a delusion, and others maintained that God, if there is such a thing, is beyond...
  3. Archived_Member16

    Your Religious Beliefs Alter Your Brain

    source: TheStar.com - Mind & Mood - Your religious beliefs alter your brain, says author Andrew Newberg Your religious beliefs alter your brain, says author Andrew Newberg SHUTTERSTOCK IMAGES Believing in a higher power alters your grey matter, says a neuroscientist...
  4. BhagatSingh

    Hard-wired For God?

    A new flurry of books, magazine articles and television documentaries announces the discovery that the human brain is apparently ready-made for spiritual experiences. One article on the subject was in Reader's Digest last December entitled "Searching for the Divine." It claimed boldly, "There is...
  5. Astroboy

    Spiritual Riddle In SGGS

    aasaa || AasaaSaint Kabir pehilaa pooth pishhairee maaee || First, the son was born, and then, his mother. gur laago chaelae kee paaee ||1|| The guru falls at the feet of the disciple. ||1|| eaek achanbho sunahu thumh bhaaee || Listen to this wonderful thing, O Siblings of Destiny...
  6. Archived_Member16

    Meditation Found To Increase Brain Size !

    Meditation found to increase brain size People who meditate grow bigger brains than those who don't. Researchers at Harvard, Yale, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found the first evidence that meditation can alter the physical structure of our brains. Brain scans they...
  7. L

    Do I See The Bright And Colorful World In My Dark Brain?

    IDEALISM THE PHILOSOPHY OF THE MATRIX AND THE TRUE NATURE OF MATTER Do i see the bright and colorful world in my dark brain? http://www.harunyahya.com/matrix.php
  8. drkhalsa

    Pain Used To Uncover Brain Secret

    Pain used to uncover brain secret Volunteers are to be 'burnt' by scientists to see if faith eases pain. Oxford University scientists will carry out experiments on hundreds of people in a bid to understand how the brain works during states of consciousness. One aspect of the two-year...