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  1. findingmyway

    Arts/Society Universities Ignoring Binge Drinking Culture And Failing To Protect Students' Wellbeing, Say Teacher

    Survey of school leaders finds universal concern over pastoral support offered at higher education institutions Universities are failing in their duty of care to undergraduates by ignoring the binge drinking culture and failing to help young people settle into student life...
  2. findingmyway

    General Children Who Watch Parents Drink 'Are Twice As Likely To Binge On Alcohol'

    Children who watch parents drink 'are twice as likely to binge on alcohol' Young people also more likely to drink if parents leave them unsupervised, according to Joseph Rowntree survey...
  3. K

    Female Binge Drink Rates 'double'

    Female binge drink rates 'double' May 7th, 2009 Source: news.bbc.co.uk There is concern that more women are drinking heavily The percentage of women who binge drink has doubled since the 1990s, research has found. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation study found 15% of women now binged...