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  1. M

    Can Someone Answer My Question? (Trimming Beard)

    Sat Sri Akaal, Hello, I am a new Sikh and am wondering why I see a lot of older Sikh men who obviously trim their beards? Also, is it normal for a Sikh that has not taken Amrit to wear one or more of the 5K's? If I have in some way offended someone I apologize. Thanks for your help :):):)
  2. spnadmin

    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom US Court Asks Congress To Answer Charges On 1984 Attacks On Sikhs

    New York, March 23 (IANS) India's Congress party has been asked to respond by April 1 to 'summons' issued by a US court to answer charges of 'conspiring, aiding, abetting and organizing' attacks on Sikhs in November 1984. The US District Court for the Southern District of New York issued the...
  3. S

    United Sikhs Be Counted. Answer Sikh In The 2011 Census (England And Wales)

    YOU DON'T COUNT, IF YOU'RE NOT COUNTED ANSWER "SIKH" IN THE 2011 CENSUS (ENGLAND AND WALES) AND BE COUNTED "Please draw attention to questions 16 and 20 of the 2011 Census...
  4. B

    My Answer To Those Who Think Sikhism Is Finished

    This is in response to a muliple lot of threads on this forum about Sikhism dying, silent crying, people running to babas, lots Sikhs, cutting hair etc etc 1. Basically, we cannot expect others to live like "Sikhs" that we have imagined in our heads 2. A lot of us hear about babas and dheras...
  5. spnadmin

    Humanism A Challenge For Naturalism: Humanists Need A Ready Answer

    A Challenge for Naturalism Humanists Need a Ready Answer S. Matthew D'Agostino Why consider the meaning of life from a secular humanist and naturalistic perspective? There seem to me at least two major reasons why it is worthwhile to take up that question. 1. An account of the meaning of...
  6. J

    A Question My Elders Cannot Answer

    I noticed that people who wear a kirpan always have it hanging on the left side. When i asked my family, they didn't have an answer and just said thats the right side to have it and it had never been questioned. So i'm just wondering if there is a specific reason for this? and if it would be...
  7. J

    Please Answer {confused}

    Sat Sri Akal :-) I just want to know what everyone believes on following issues - 1. Non Veg and Sikhism 2. Homosexuality and Sikhism 3. Masturbating/Watching Porn and Sikhism I respect other religions too, but I am against dera/sant/baba/mullah/pandit culture. I believe our mind should be...
  8. V

    Answering Doubts Of Dalbeer Singh Ji Regarding Bani Onto The Tenth Master

    Gurfateh Covering letter by Mr Dalbeer Singh. He wrongly calls head serviceman or Mukh Sevadar as per his creed as Jathedar Akal Takhat Sahib. He talks of people appearing as Singh killing animals as scarifies and offering liquor to one temple of Demigoddess .He should now that...
  9. P

    Searching For An Answer

    I need someone to help me understand something. I know that through naam, the Guru will forgive, even if you have commited endless sins or paaps or if you have hurt people and have made thier lives miserable. If you give up doing these things, reform yourself, mend your ways and through...
  10. Archived_Member16

    Answer Evil With Goodness !

    This Shabad is by Bhagat Sheikh Fareed Ji in Salok Fareed Jee on Pannaa 1381 PrIdw bury dw Blw kir gusw min n hFwie ] dyhI rogu n lgeI plY sBu ikCu pwie ]78] fareedhaa burae dhaa bhalaa kar gusaa man n hadtaae || dhaehee rog n lagee palai sabh kishh paae ||78|| Fareed, answer evil with...
  11. H

    First Question & Answer In GGS

    THE FIRST QUESTION AND ANSWER IN GURU GRANTH SAHIB Bibi Har Simirit Kaur Khalsa Gurbani Prachar Mission of USA (510) 432-5827 What do you think should be the first question in the Guru Granth Sahib? Should it be, “What is God?” or, “What is the purpose of our existence?” The...
  12. S

    How Would I Answer This

    It's thread's like this anger me : http://forums.waheguroo.com/index.php?act=ST&f=2&t=8414& Just read the initial post and then the next few posts. How ridiculous is that? "kesh is not meant to be kept on the floor, or in dirty locations in the bin, so its best to burn it" What...