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Recent content by sandhu21

  1. sandhu21

    Hair Care

    go for almond oil .i buy it from chemist shop ...it will help you from hair loss
  2. sandhu21

    Who Is A Gursikh?

    WAHEGURU JEE KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JEE KE FATEH today my day start as usual as before but after doing my nitnem i was not calm and all the time i was thinking do i am really a gursikh or i am pretending to be a gursikh now all brothers and sisters are thinking what he is saying or what it means...
  3. sandhu21

    UK Sikh Pensioner Who Was Attacked In City Centre Dies

    waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru jee ke fateh i read this news yesterday and it make me really sad..i was asking myself why a sikh always get something like that ..why ....and today i come on conclusion its our fault ..we do prachar only in gurdwaras ...it mean if you wanna know about sikhi...
  4. sandhu21

    Atheism Do You Believe In Waheguru

    very nice:blueturban:
  5. sandhu21

    Bant Singh - A Real Anti-corruption Hero

    whaeyguru jee ka khalsa waheyguru jee ke fateh its really sad we still divide people on caste and class .in Sikhism guru jee said there would be no divide on caste ,color or class.in my personal thinking people can be only good or bad but dhan dhan shri guru granth sahib jee say ALSO DO GOOD TO...
  6. sandhu21

    Can Sikh Girl Marry A Hindu Boy?

    satshriakal to all i think if both of them are in true love then marriage is ok.i say true love because he or she should know the difference between love and attraction its important .without true love it dont last long and last but not least try to respect your parents dont brake their...
  7. sandhu21

    Introducing Myself

    satshriakal secret veer its really great that you join us .veerjee you will find very caring and lovable people here.everybody is here to help you out .feel free to ask and keep faith in sikhi.dont fell lost waheyguru jee is with us always to show us the right way:) keep smiling alwayslol...
  8. sandhu21

    India India Says Pakistan 'beheaded' Kashmir Soldier

    satshriakal to all its really hard to believe that India is always so soft on such things .its really shameful that because of political motives of governments people have to suffer and i am sure that for politicians its not a big deal.shame on politicians and on system Sarbat da...
  9. sandhu21

    No Counting Allowed In Gurmatt

    satshriakal to all verrjee firstly maala ferne -i dont meant to counting or jaap its only to concentrate by saying waheguru waheguru.when you cant hold gutka sahib in your hands or you are not in home ,traveling in bus train or plane.secondly veerjee by reading gurbani i should also...
  10. sandhu21

    No Counting Allowed In Gurmatt

    satshriakal to all verjee after reading your words .i was thinking what about people who cant read or cant See what they can do or somebody who can read but cant understand the meaning so i think maala is also practical.its all what i think and sorry if i offended anybody waheguru jee ka...
  11. sandhu21

    Introducing Myself

    thanx veerjee for replying and sending link.veerjee from where i can get steeks in punjabi.for me its more meaningful in punjabi or you can say i understand it better in punjabi.again thanx for replying
  12. sandhu21

    Introducing Myself

    i am here because firstly i am a born sikh and wanna know more about my roots and my wonderful religion and for last years my life is not going how it should be .or i can say i am totally lost :mundabhangra:.and to listen gurbani give me a sense of belonging and feel really good .i start...