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Who Is A Gursikh?

Discussion in 'Sikh Sikhi Sikhism' started by sandhu21, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. sandhu21

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    Dec 15, 2012
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    today my day start as usual as before but after doing my nitnem i was not calm and all the time i was thinking do i am really a gursikh or i am pretending to be a gursikh now all brothers and sisters are thinking what he is saying or what it means ..for this i have to share with you my experience that changes many thing in my life ...it was long time that i was thinking to go for amrit sanchar because i was thinking it was really important for the spiritual growth of a sikh and hukam of dhan guru gobind singh jee .i had prepared my self mentally spoken to wife and do use to do ardas baba jee plz bless me with amrit and after searching long time i find some thing great .it was like WAHOO .amritsanchar in holland by akand kirtni jatha ...it was great because i use to hear alot kirtan from them...i inquire about the amrit sanchar .speak with my family. put gatra ,beutiful kirpan ,two pair of kacheras,my t shirt and other things in my backpack. it take me 7 hr to reach holland from germany .i was there totally tired because a night before i cant sleep because of excitement but when after doing matatek to guru sahib every thing was fine . then i speak to one of organizer about my purpose of visit and here start my ordeal.i tell him bhai jee i am coming a long way to give my head to my beloved guru ..he ask me if my wife also going for amrit sanchar ..i tell him NO bhai jee she cant ...the reason behind is that she is german and i i cant force her to go for amrit sanchar but she respect sikhi .she is going to gurdwara .both of my kids have sikh name got as sikhi sanskar .and to my shock he say to me NAHI JEE ASI TVANU AMRIT NAHI CHA SAKDEY KYO KE AA SADE MARYADA NAHI YA DOVA JEEYA NU KATEY AMRIT CHAKNA PENDA YA ::(sorrry we can not include you in amrit sanchar because it is against maryada ...both of you have to come together )...i replyed to him ..ok bhai jee i know it because lot of my friends told me about jathas maryada but still can i request to panj pyaras because i think they understand me ...he replayed ok...you can ....after some hours passed i ask one of singh again then he bring one old sikh guy there .he told me that he is jatheydar ...i told him about my problem ...then he told me no you cant go for amrit sanchar because you can not keep maryada ..and only if i promise that i will not have contact with my wife till she take amrit then only i can go for amrit ...then i say NO as i say before i cant force anybody ..then he say ok then you cant go for it ..i was hurt and honestly speaking bit angery..then come a singh in blue to me because he was hearing everything ..he start telling me i have to increase my nitname ,do more path and lot of other stuff ..he was speaking like he was mr perfect ....then i told veerjee i will go to panj pyaras when i am in india ...he laughed a littel and say ya ya you can be amritdhari there they give amrit to anybody ..they do it for numbers ...i ask him if he get amrit from jatha ...he say YES....i was bit shocked and also happy that thanks god you dont make me amritdhari like them totaly arrogent ..and i am the best attitude ..i ask him if only amritdhari are blessed and excepted in sachkhand ..he replayed YES ..then i say i am sikh .i do nitname ,have uncut hairs ,vegitarian dont do adultry or drink or smoke but not a amritdhari it means i am not excepted ..he dont give me answer and walk away ....and for this question i am here ....DO SIKISIM teach us discrimination when NO then why we discriminate on such topics .on one side we say Sikhism is religion of all but i dont think so when i look at what happen with me ..DO SIKHISM is to do rituals only .Do all jateybandis folow the rehatnama from akal takhat when yes then why we follow different maryadas it mean not all see akal takhat as supreme ....DO we are connecting people with guru jees teaching or sending them away ....DO guru gobind singh jee say to panj pyaras bring your wifes with or i will not bless you.do really amritdharis are only sikh.....in my friend circle i am only the guy with berad and turban ....but we all care for each other with equal respect and love ..i think its called sikhi ...how we can believe in one when we dont See one in all ....for me sikhi bana is no more important to be a sikh ...i have decided that i will not go for amrit in my life again....because i wanna be gurusikh from heart not only from face and only guru can judge me not the pakhande or akothe people ...bhul chuk maf ....and please correct me where i am wrong
    waheguru jee ka khalsa
    waheguru jee ke fateh
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  3. Ikk Khalsa

    Ikk Khalsa
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    Mar 19, 2013
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    Sandhu21 Ji,

    Sorry to hear your frustration and giving up is not the solution or a sign of true Sikh. All Gurdwaras should be run as per Sikh Rehat Mariada but sadly not even our Aakal Takhats follow it. Any gurdwara that doesn't allow any Sant Baba to do kirtan in there should be a good place to inquire for your Amrit. You have every right to take Amrit and we need to stand against these AKJ and other cults who are polluting Sikhi. Stay in chardi kala and I am sure you will find the right place soon to take your Amrit.
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  4. Harry Haller

    Harry Haller United Kingdom
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    Jan 31, 2011
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    In the world of the blind, the one eyed man is king....

    the world is blind, you have a good eye, does not sound like you need anyone to further you, your heart sounds pure and noble, go and take Pahul at Amritsar, or even Oklahoma, maybe even in Holland, it does not matter

    my regards to your wife, she may have read Der Steppenwulf as she hails from that land

    and you my friend sound great, I do not think you need validation from such or indeed anyone.
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  5. aristotle

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    SPNer Thinker

    May 11, 2010
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    Sandhu Ji,

    As I see most of your frustration stems from the hard-fastedness of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha. AKJ does not equal Sikhi or the Sikh Panth. The AKJ stipulates some conditions which are additonal to the Sikh Rehat Maryada, and that is entirely up to them, but they are not binding on Sikhs who do not follow the AKJ way-of-life. SRM should be our only guiding light.

    According to the Sikh Rehat Maryada, a faithful isn't deprived of his right to partake Amrit if the spouse is unwilling to accompany him in this ceremony. In fact, it is a very personal choice, and requires personal commitment. AKJ may have their wierd rules, but that is not the Sikh Rehat Maryada. No one can deprive you of something the Guru himself had made you worthy.

    Same with me...


    On the contrary, bana is as important as the bani. In fact, Guru Maharaj himself ordained the Sikhs to sport the Kakaars, that was the bani of the Guru. If someone wants to cherry pick however, I'm no one to judge. But, Sikhi certainly does nor encourage this kind of cherry picking.

    That you are willing to let go the idea of partaking Amrit because of the simple reproach of an old man hints me that maybe you weren't keen on it in the first place. If I were you, and I were serious about getting Amrit, I would have tried to find a Sikh Gurdwara or fellowship who follow the Sikh Rehat Maryada and obtain the Amrit, or atleast try to do so. Giving up in a fatigued manner at the first minor roadblock are not the signs of a serious player.

    You want to be a Sikh 'not from the face' or 'not only from the face'? As I see, both have a sea-difference of meaning.

    As you have called them 'pakhandi' and 'akhauti' yourself, I fail to see why you are cross over what they think about your position in the faith. A word of caution however, if you are equating the Kakaars and Amrit ceremony with the 'pakhand' of these Babas and self-proclaimed sects, you may be completely mistaken.

    Godspeed on the path of the Guru. Stay blessed always.
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  6. ActsOfGod

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    Writer SPNer Thinker

    Aug 14, 2012
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    Sandhu Veer, thank you for sharing your experience. There are many obstacles on the path of the Sikh who is Sanmukh. Please don't be disheartened. Perhaps all this happened for a very good reason. Imagine how life would have been if you had taken khande di pahul from AKJ and later discovered their attitude and approach?

    As far as I know, taking Amrit is a personal choice and one cannot be turned away if one comes to ask for it without his or her spouse. After all, as Gurbani tells us, your spouse is not going to accompany you after you die. You came alone, and you will go alone. Only the Name will accompany you.

    Sikhi is not about rules and regulations and punishments, etc. Personally I don't believe those arguments that say "you're not doing enough Nitnem", etc. etc. You traveled so far in such difficult circumstances thirsting for Amrit. I think you're absolutely on the path. When the time is right, Guru Sahib himself will call you, by name. Just be ready when he does.

    It's about love for Guru Sahib and for God, the Creator. Do you remember Bhai Mati Das Ji, whose only last request before they were going to saw his body in half, from head to toe, was that they turn his face towards his beloved Guru, so that he may see him before he passed from this earthly existence. That is love. We can all cultivate such pure love in our hearts. Guru Kirpa karan.


    Guru Fateh!
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  7. Gyani Jarnail Singh

    Gyani Jarnail Singh Malaysia
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    Sawa lakh se EK larraoan
    Mentor Writer SPNer Thinker

    Jul 4, 2004
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    Bhai Gurdass Ji calls GURU NANAK GURSIKH.
  8. Ambarsaria

    Ambarsaria Canada
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    ੴ / Ik▫oaʼnkār
    Writer SPNer Thinker Supporter

    Dec 21, 2010
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    All Gursikhs are Sikhs, but, not all Sikhs are "Gursikh"! For a Sikh to take Sikh as defined in Sikh Rehat Maryada to the Gursikh level requires,

    • Reaching a level of understanding of Gur (creator), such that, it is second nature
    • Acting and behaving with the understanding of Gur (creator) for self and in relation to others
    • Regimens of Sikh Rehat Maryada simply become maintenance tools
    Perhaps reviewing the following and others will give us a perspective,


    Sat Sri Akal

    PS: Not that we should be judges or judging, but asking oneself the question as to "How many Gursikhs I can relate to or have known might put more focus or light on what is a Gursikh?"

    As Gyani ji stated about Guru Nanak Dev ji per Bhai Gurdas ji. I might say without knowing or having met him personally that Prof. Sahib Singh ji was a Gursikh. Forget about me calling myself a Gursikh I am not classing myself as a proper Sikh. Similalrly there are sparks of Gursikhi in many at SPN but I will not classify any as a Gursikh from my limited knowledge or time at spn! I may be grossly erroneous and stand corrected but for me the bar for being a Gursikh is very high.
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    #7 Ambarsaria, Nov 27, 2013
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2013
  9. SaintSoldier1699

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    Jul 18, 2007
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    Sandhu21 Veer Ji,

    Sorry to hear of your ordeal but i'm not sorry for all that you have learn't from your ordeal as many Sikhs would have remained stuck in the cycle of "sheep like following" but you have questioned what is out there and also, yourself and applied common sense to it.

    I have been fortunate enough to be part of an amrit sanchaar in the Amsterdam Gurdwara about a year ago. They then had made a fresh stipulation that they will adhere to and promote the Sikh Rehat Maryada and were keen on ensuring the amrit sanchaar was done in accordance with it so, maybe you can contact them if you still feel you want to go down this path.

    Amrit is a pledge, not a passport to "heaven" or "Sachkhand", it is a lifestyle, continuous process of improvement not getting stuck in the mud and keeping on moving no matter what life throws at you, a discipline, a positive attitude.

    It's not the physical amrit that makes you amritdhari its your thoughts which evolve into actions lived on a daily basis that does.

    The amrit sanchar is the ceremony, opposite to a graduation which a lot seem to treat it like! It's an initiation, the start, the beginning...
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