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Recent content by salempaiyan

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    I Am Sort Of New To Sikhism

    Naam japo means Duing SIMRan of Gods Name, living a Honest life ,Self earning, do community seva, etc., is way of sikh life, that is always live in Gods goodwill.
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    What Is Waheguru-I

    Waheguru means omnipresent,the creater , and others words he is our living Master who is the only one can lead us from this material world to the Home from were we came. He is the guideing light and also he is shabad. One can see him with in oneself.
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    Dictionery For Kabir Poems/gurbani

    I need a dictionery for kabir poems or his gurbanis. Where is it available on-line. Any our friends suggest me a way is very nice.
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    Introducing Myself

    I,S.R.KRISHNAMURTHY,follower of RSSB and faith in sikhism. I am research on 'sound and light comparing with Tamil saints & siddhas'. Salempaiyanwelcomekaur