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Recent content by maskinji

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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom 1984 Sajjan Kumar Case - Sting Operation

    Good job of conducting sting operation. More of these must be carried out especially with Badal group.
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    USA The Top Terrorist Organisation Threatening The U.S. Not Muslim…

    True. Deliberate misconception being created. Sikhs in Pakistan have faced carnage as in India, along with other minorities.animatedkhanda1
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    Master Tara Singh (1885 - 1967)

    This so called great leader of sikhs never questioned the intents of the hindu leaders as he did with Muslim leaders, Dont you think he had somehow already decided to go with Hindus ? He was played by the hands of Government even when he did not even recognise. Whole sikh community curses him...
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    Heritage Shame For Those Who Are Running The Sacred Shrines (Badal's SGPC)

    Khalsa Ji, I have figured out about the view of Sangat and even Moderators of SPN about the so-called Panthic Parties(Not only Badal' Party). Its a shame that Badal's SGPC could not make it to the SPN's list of Sikh Organisations Section in Home Page, Since I believe many have realized that...
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    300 Sikhs Attend Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s Death Anniversary

    Khalsa Ji, Visit Link: 300 Indian Sikhs to attend Maharaja Ranjit Singh?s death anniversary in Pak | Top News Our so-called Panthic parties have granted holiday on Raja Agrasen but not celebrated Maharaja's Day, while He was the founder of Khalsa Raj. While they make hue and cry for...
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    Sikh News SGPC Spread Wings To Add Corporate Culture In Management Of Sikhs Shrines

    On the same lines, It should not surprise anybody If "Badal's" SGPC comes up with a course for award of SANT's Degree or Brahm Giani Course. For Managing Gurudwaras, Sikhs should have resolve to do Seva. I guess by the time, I would grow Old SGPC would be Badal Ltd Company and Panth Would...
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    Consolidated List Of E-books Important To A Sikh

    Sat Sri Akal Ji, I am updating here Version 1.2. Check out new links to e-book resources pertaining to various topics. Regards, Chitwanjit Singh
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom 1984, India's Kristallnacht - The Night Of Broken Glass

    Aman Singh Ji, What is the status of efforts made by sikhs to recognise 84 as a genocide at UN ?? Is there any success ??
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    Consolidated List Of E-books Important To A Sikh

    Narayanjot Ji, I plan to prepare an excel sheet consolidating all the links under one roof for Sangat, with thanks and regards to the contributing members. The material submission would be attributed to respective members. I plan to work on it soon. Sat Sri Akal. Sarbat da bhalla.
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Would The Indian Army Have Entered The Golden Temple Without Backend Akaali Support?

    Gurveen Ji, If you have any ebooks to upload, please do so. We have done enough intellectual exercise. Its time to put in some efforts, with due respect. Here is the link to new thread for this: EDITED. NARAYANJOT KAUR SSA.
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    Consolidated List Of E-books Important To A Sikh

    Khalsa Ji, With ardas to Satgur Sache Patshah, I put forward a benati(request) to all sangat actively present here on this forum, to come forward put in their bit to a big attempt to prepare a consolidated pile of books which a SIKH must possess to be informed about his...
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Would The Indian Army Have Entered The Golden Temple Without Backend Akaali Support?

    Khalsa Ji, Our Kaum is standing at the same juncture where Jews stood after their Holocaust by Hitler. As the whole world knows, they put their intellectuals to work to analyse why that event happened to them. How could they be slaughtered mercilessly while they could have organized...
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    Sau Sakhis: Prophesies Or Myths?

    Sau Sakhis: Fact or Fiction? Narayanjot Ji, on a lighter note, I guess you being a moderator can easily see if someone is working with secretive collaboration or not ?? Yes, I agree that the thread moved away from its context, but my response was solely based on the views. I guess it...
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    Sau Sakhis: Prophesies Or Myths?

    Re: Would the Indian Army have entered the Golden Temple without backend Akaali support? Gurveenji, I totally agree that Santji being a true Gurmukh had divine sense faculty to foresee and understand things. He was a strenuous abhyassi of Naam-Simran. Now, These beliefs are utterly based...
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Would The Indian Army Have Entered The Golden Temple Without Backend Akaali Support?

    Ballym Ji, I understand you believe firmly in what you belive. That is a great attitude. But as Maskeenji said, Man thinks truth is what he/she knows and evrything beyond is myth. If you are declining to a healthy discussion, this might hamper widening your view about the matter. I am open...