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Recent content by leroy

  1. leroy

    Janam Saakhi

    WJKWJF Apart from the janam saakhi's written by Santokh Singh & Bhai Bala Ji are there any others? Can anyone assist? WJKWJF
  2. leroy

    Origin Of Dohra - Aagya Bhaee Akaal Ki Tabhi Chalayo Panth

    WAHEGURUJIKAKHALSAWAHEGURUJIKEFATEH. There is a Dohra recited after ardas............Agayaa paee akal ki ............. Does anyone know from which Granth this dohra is from? Can anyone please show me the full version of this dohra? Your help will be much appreciated. Many thanks...
  3. leroy

    "Bin Bhaga"

    WJKWJF I have been reading Gurbani and in many places the bhag(good fortune) is used. "Bin Bhaga Sat Sangh Na Labhe" (95) for example. I have read Gurbani translations but I am still not entirely satisfied. My dilema is that if Sat Sangat cannot be achieved without "bhag" then one could...
  4. leroy

    Sikhi - A Way Of Life Or Is A Separate Religion?

    Re: Sikhi- A way of life or is a separate Religion? WJKWJF Sikhism is a religion and away of life. It goes hand in hand that Sikhism is practised in every day life. The theology of Sikhism is the belief of worshipping one God who is omnipresent & omniscent. The divine knowledge of God is...
  5. leroy

    Turban Colour

    WJKWJF What colour turban is acceptable for a Gursikh? What is the reason? What is the significance of kesri colour And why? Can anyone help? Thanks Leroy.:)
  6. leroy


    WJKWJF I have been reading in Gurbani that one should not associate with a "sakat". Can anyone please tell me the definition of a sakat? Thanks Leroy.:)
  7. leroy

    If The Rivers Became Cows

    WJKWJF I am led to beleive that Guru Nanak Ji gave this reply when someone said that if "we all started to naam japp then who would do the ordinary jobs in the world". Guru Ji stated that if everyone was to do naam japp then rivers become milk,the land becomes sweet,the mountains become gold &...
  8. leroy

    Bladder Control

    WJKWJF Thank you Lailajan for your reply I will try your suggestion. Regards Leroy.:thumbup:
  9. leroy

    Bladder Control

    WJKWJF Dear friends Owing to a spinal cord complication I have a very weak bladder which means that I have to make several trips to the bathroom , usually on an urgent basis. I have seen Granthi Singhs controlling their bladder for many hours. Can anyone make any suggestions as to how I may be...
  10. leroy

    Menstruation & Sangat

    WJKWJF I have been asked if it is okay for women to go to the Gurdwara or read from Guru Granth Sahib during menstruation. I do not know the answer to this. Can anyone please assist in this matter? Thank you Leroy.
  11. leroy

    Bhai Veer Singh

    Re: DR.Bhai Veer Singh WJKWJF Thank you Singh Sahib for your detailed reply regarding Bhai Vir Singh. I shall look on the net for reading material and in my forthcoming visit to India I shall attempt to purchase some books. Once again Thankyou for your information. I hope you will continue...
  12. leroy

    Bhai Veer Singh

    Does Anyone know of Bhai Veer Singh's "Vaara". I know there are vaara by Gurdas Ji but I would like to know if Bhai veer Singh wrote poertry? Can anyone help? WJKWJF:)
  13. leroy

    Jhatka And Nihangs

    Gurfateh Some claim that "chatka" (swift slaughter) is allowed in the Sikh diet. In the whole of the Guru Granth Sahib where is there the mention of the word Chatka? Even if chatka was acceptable how would one chatka an egg? How would chatka be performed on a fish? A fish dies painfully as...
  14. leroy

    Sikh Videos!

    Gurfateh To all the readers. Many years ago I was given a video in English , intended for children , on the history of Baba Deep Singh Shaheed. All the children (Sikh & non-Sikh)thoroughly enjoyed watching this. Many went to Amritsar to pay homage to Baba Ji's Gurdwara. I beleive the narrator...