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    To Take Off Kirpan Or Not. Does It Matter?

    It has been nice to see all the opinions. when i wrote this , i was very new to sikhi. I personally dont worry on this. I have learned it is not a concealed weapon , but when entering courts or schools, it must remain in your vehicle. otherwise you can keep it on. It is good to see all the...
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    Sikhs For Change: Language - A Barrier For New Sikhs?

    i agree. i convert to sikhi couple years back and like alot of new sikhs (or just me) ive flip flopped from the faith to other faiths and then realized this is where i belong. The language barriar is huge. i enjoy the kirtan and read english on screen because it has the kirtan in...
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    Ways Of Seva: My Story, Your Story

    beautiful and inspiring . If only alot of people had the same attitude as the man who lost alot of his vision. This is just awe inspiring and nice to read people helping people and even those with a injury still helping others shows us we should have no excuse for not helping others. I want to...
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    Wanting To Be A Kirtan/Raag/Shabad Musician

    wjkk wjkf Hi everyone, it has been sometime since ive visited these forums with a question. and that my knowledge is tiny but i was wondering how to go about to be a raag/shabad/kirtan muscian? i am hoping to purchase a Tanpura (i think that how it spelled). i enjoy it sound or lack of a...
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    Sikh Doctrine Of Revelation With Video

    very nice and interesting.
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    Strengthing Faith And Lowering Fear

    WJKK WJKF Hello fellow sikhs. I had a question i hope does not bother anyone. My question is that (im sad to say) as a sikh ive felt myself flip flop in the faith, like leaving, coming back ect. I try live as i should but ill admit it is hard. Anywho, i was wondering if there was any...
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    Reading From Nitnem

    I know as a sikh , we have daily prayers to read morning,afternoon,bed. As a sikh, i dont always get the chance or i just forget to read them, does that make me a bad sikh? or is it more of if i get chance to. I try to remember waheguru ji everyday.
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    To Take Off Kirpan Or Not. Does It Matter?

    thanks for the happy birthday. i do obey laws of the land. i was just curious on what others thought and i like to hear opinions
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    To Take Off Kirpan Or Not. Does It Matter?

    When sikhs must enter courts ect, do they take off their kirpans n leave them in vehicle before entering? or do sikhs just not go? i am very curious about this topic because there have been varying things that courts see it as a cocealed weapon, which it is not. but i would like to hear...
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    Sikh Reht Maryada

    i use if for back chronic back pain. and it in green bud form that i smoke. as i said, it is prescribed. but it does help me live my life better. i can now play with my child and all. so it make me happy.
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    Sikh Reht Maryada

    ok. im still very new sikh. but i enjoy reading about the gurus and slowy reading sggs. i been taken things slow, which is why i figure id ask for opinion on here. ty all for opinions. :happysingh:
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    Sikh Reht Maryada

    i been reading Sikh Spiritual Practice: the sound way to God by Siri Kirpal Kaur Khalsa, it says same rules as SRM but that things like cannabis is allowed if prescribed by a doctor.
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    Sikh Reht Maryada

    in sikh reht maryada, which has rules for sikhs, it says one shouldnt smoke,drink, take cannabis ect. i was wondering, as a sikh, i am also a legal cannabis user for medicinal reason prescribed by a doctor. so do i just not worry about the whole cannabis rule? since it is prescribed by a...
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    Did I Do Something Wrong? Kirpan Legal Issues

    when i first wrote this post i was angry.. which is a bad vice. I realize now i was reckless. i have my kirpan with me at all times but i will not wear it out because until i FUlly understand sggs and the message the gurus taught, i refuse to wear it out of the house. i realize i was not only...
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    Considering Leaving Sikhism Due To Kirpan

    so you sir harry, are wrong, i did stand up for my faith. it was not a dagger. i did stand up for sikhs everywhere who have been through or gone through what i did.i know because i spoken to united sikh and sikh coalition. let me tell YOU harry, YOU DO NOT have to be initiated sikh to wear...