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Strengthing Faith And Lowering Fear


Sep 28, 2011

Hello fellow sikhs. I had a question i hope does not bother anyone. My question is that (im sad to say) as a sikh ive felt myself flip flop in the faith, like leaving, coming back ect. I try live as i should but ill admit it is hard. Anywho, i was wondering if there was any stories or videos that help lift up faith/inspire, rather then being afraid to be sikh for fear of .. well just all around. no single area? i mean i know about sikh martyrs who died and recited jaapu ji as they died and didnt give up. that brings tears to my eyes. i feel very weak faith wise. while im new convert, but feel as ive always been sikh and just didnt know it, how do i walk more stronger. im sorry if this makes no sense. Im not very good at getting my question out right.animatedkhanda1

Harry Haller

Panga Master
Jan 31, 2011

if you are still smoking dope for your back, try giving that up, it is probably the single most damaging barrier between you and Creator.
Give up focusing on what it takes to look like a Sikh, don't worry too much about the prayers and rituals, just concentrate on being a good, calm, decent person, who treats people well, have respect for Creation, focus on the basic message of Sikhi, truthful living.


Jan 29, 2011
Vancouver, Canada
Meet Sikh people. Who live, walk, talk, eat, sleep in Sikhi. You can find them if you look for them. And you may ask them what is their reason for being so steadfast at Sikhi? Well they will tell you there is no secret. You follow Sikhi when your heart is ready for it. When you not care about what society wants, but what is required by the order in the Universe. But still keep company of Sikhs, for long, observe and learn from them. Sangat or congregation is very imp.


Apr 25, 2006
Experience whatever you feel to the fullest. Only by learning from experience can you progress. God is the heart of experience. Look for him in your experience whenever you can. When you are on the computer, ask yourself where is God here? When you are doing household chores, where is God? You are studying in the library, just take a moment, every now and then, and name it God. It is only through His name that we can become Gurmukhs.

At the worldly level, involve yourself in prayers and other religious rituals, they will strengthen your faith if you serve none other than God. Like Kanwaljit Singh ji said Sangat is important. Do the rituals with a sangat whenever you can. Study spiritual texts you find enjoyable. Listen to katha, satsang or lectures by spiritual teachers.

Learn constantly.

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