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Recent content by jasbirkaleka

  1. jasbirkaleka

    How Important Is Matha Tekking?

    Majority of the people go through this ritual of "Matha Tekna" because of fear psychosis or to get their wishes fulfilled.
  2. jasbirkaleka

    Dominance Of Rituals In Sikhism

    Washing of HAZOOR SAHIB GURUDWARA and the SHASHTRAS with milk and Godavari water is idol worship which goes againt the tanents ofSikhism as propogated by GURU NANAK and GURU GOBIND SINGH.We should follow the teachings of GURU GRANTH SAHIB, instead of spendind so much energy,money,time on...
  3. jasbirkaleka

    India AAP Hijacks SAD's Traditional Sikh Issues

    Badal and co are the biggest hypocrites but now they are caught in their own web.
  4. jasbirkaleka

    Celebrating Sikh Smiley Art By Mai Harinder Kaur Ji

    A very angry middle-aged man is missing.
  5. jasbirkaleka

    India Akhand Path List Now At 1.3 Lakh, Petition To Expedite Seva At Harmandir Sahib

    Who gave the name "SUKHBHANJANI SAHIB" to a tree,a beri. And does'nt it smack of idol-worship? Who was the first person to spread this stupid belief that Path done near this tree will make the Almighty more happy?:angryyoungsingh::realangrymunda:
  6. jasbirkaleka

    Why Do Chaur Sahib ?

    Guru Nanak Devji,if he visits earth, can never recognize the religion we are following. FOR 80% of the Sikhs it is just rituals,rituals and rituals which makes them feel like true Sikhs.:realangrymunda:
  7. jasbirkaleka

    Islam Music Is Haram In Islam?

    Re: Music is Haram in Islam ??? This post is in bad taste and derogatory to women.
  8. jasbirkaleka

    Guru's Handprint At Panja Sahib

    Every religion has to have its own miracles,because that is the kind of things the followers want to hear of their leaders. Christ has to be resurrected on the third day,otherwise he would have died the same death as that of the two thieves who were crucified along with him. All these...
  9. jasbirkaleka

    Sunny Leone Should Be Excommunicated?

    Pls. try not to use the term "prostitute'. And we have no right to judge or condemn anyone. For those sitting on high pedestals, I would like to quote Madame de Beauvoir, philosopher, author of THE SECOND SEX and a very close friend of Jean-Paul Satre, who defined marriage as 'legalized...
  10. jasbirkaleka

    India SGPC Chief, Jathedars, Saints Barred Using Red Beacon Cars

    More pruning needs to be done. Only service Lal Bati dose is feed an individual's ego. and make others feel lesser beings.
  11. jasbirkaleka

    India Corruption Rate In India Is Double Of Global Average

    Very true. It has become a way of life. Anyone who is not corrupt is considered a nincompoop.
  12. jasbirkaleka


    Why such desperation to prove that Udasis are Sikhs when certainly they are not. Could any one explain why Guru Nanak Devji did not confer the Gadi on Sri Chand.:angryyoungsingh:
  13. jasbirkaleka

    Christianity Losing My Religion: Why I'm Raising My Child To Believe In Science, Not God

    Beautifully put Harry ji. My life has been very,very similar to that of yours. I have never regretted it, but try to put to better use all that I have learnt from this very eventful, turbulent voyage through life.:singhsippingcoffee:
  14. jasbirkaleka

    India SGPC Chief Says Supreme Court Is Against Minorities, Committed Judicial Murder

    Had one of the judges been from any of the minority communities, the judgement would have been very different.
  15. jasbirkaleka

    Atheism Perils Of Blind Faith

    Last week, a family of eight committed mass suicide in a small town near Jaipur, in Rajasthan. The family consisted of an aged woman, her two sons,one daughter in law and her grand-children,the youngest being about 10 yrs. The tragedy was video graphed by the head of the family,who,by...