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Recent content by Hardkaur

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    Polygamy And Sikhism

    you got that information about sikh gurus having multiple wives from AN ISLAMIC WEB PAGE IVE SEEN IT, IF YOU WANT TRUE ACCURATE INFORMATION ON SIKHISM THAN ASK A SIKH, not someone of another relgion whose trying to break down our beliefs. none of the gurus had more than one wife, and by WIFE I...
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    What Does Sikhism Say About Adam And Eve?

    Adam and eve simply could not have existed, furthermore the story does not contain a very good moral lesson. As the story goes God created man in the form of himself ***( now let me just point out sumthing my philosphy teacher once told me and thats is "IF horses could draw God they'd draw God...
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    Waheguru's Creation In Other Worlds

    waheguru ji ka khalsa wahegur ji ki fateh as a Child I remember being told that sikhism is among the few religions that accepts the existence of life in other worlds, or simply put aliens. I was wondering if anyone has any information on this and more speciaifically passages from gurugranth...
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    Matha Tekna

    I have a general question, when we matahtak (bow down) to guru granth sahib ji and pray for something, are we praying to God to answer our prayer or gurji????:confused: Whenever I mathatak I always pray in my mind to Wahaguru ji to answer my prayer.
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    Behaviour In The Gurdwara

    No Versus ji I'm not mad because the gurdwara is the house of God, I'm mad because the gurdwara is the house of the guru
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    Yes I Love Wahaguru Do You?

    I got this email from a friend and I'm not quite sure how it originated but theres a lot of junk on the internet these days, but it was nice seeing that people actually passed on stuff like this, I know I did. Please Copy and paste this message and pass it around to all your friends. WAHEGURU...
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    Behaviour In The Gurdwara

    I find that the behaviour in the gurdwara is jsut disgusting. If you were to go to a church, or mosque you would never see anything like what you see at the gurdwara. Elderly women are constanly gossiping and talking in the langar hallls and even the divan halls!:}--}: People let their...
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    Gurdwaras And Youth

    Hey I just have a suggestion for how we can bridge the gap between Western and Eastern Culture to understand Sikhi better. Honestly I was born and raised in Canada I can understnad read and speal punjabi fairly well for someone in my situation and can some what understand kaatha and kirtan but I...
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    That is an extremley good question, because as Sikhs we are not suppose to change anything about our bodies as I've learned from my parents. Yet as a teenager I've seen MANY elderly Amritari men who have the "Ik Onkar" symbol on the surface of their hands.
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    Is It A Sin For A Sikh To Marry A Non-Sikh?

    Honestly why does everything have to be a sin or not a sin? In Sikhism there really is no sin? The word Sin is reallly used as way of provoking fear into the mind over what one should or shouldn't do, and Sikhism does not believe in worshipping God out of Fear, but rather out of love. As it is...
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    Sikh And Non-Vegiterian Food

    Re: Sikh and No-Vegiterian Food Wahaguru Ji ka khalsa Whaguru ji ki Fatah Meat eating is something that many sikhs espically the youth are confuse about, some say that sikhs should not eat meat at all while others say that its okay to eat jataka meat and not halal meat since the animal must...
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    Sikh News Same-sex Marriage. By RAMANDEEP KAUR GREWAL And T. SHER SINGH

    I see no reason why gay people shouldnt marry. Sikhism believes in the will of God, whatever God does God does for a reason. Therefore if God has made certain people Gay there must be reason behind it, or else why would he do so? Besides there are millions of orphans in the world, and gay people...
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Attacks On Sikhs In The 1980s Why Do You Chose To Forget?

    Why is it that parents tell there children about the sacrifices that the sahibzaday made and the sacrifices of the Gurus, and Sikh history thats over 300 years old yet they chose to be ignorant and ignore things that happened 20 years ago? Why is it if a sikh child asks there parents about the...
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    Questions About Sikhism And Caste ?

    ALL that i can say is that ALL CASTES are a result of the Hindu religon, In the HINDU religon theres four main castes, Brahmin, kashyatari,Vaishyas, and Shudras. Jatt, Rajput, Saini, etc are all subdivisions of these catses!!!! The whole way this catse system started is written in the...
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    Guru Ji Pictured Playing Poker!

    I checked out this website and theres no way to contact these ppl, so we cant even tell them that they have to change there picture. :}--}: Plus I typed the word "Guru" into google images and that same picture of Guru Nanak Dev ji is on the first page!!!