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Recent content by harbansj24

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    Consumption Of Alcohol Amongst Sikhs

    Recently I was sent a form from DSGMC (Delhi Sikh Gurudwara Management Committee) for inclusion of my name in the voters list for election of DSGMC. Among other things that I was asked to fill, was a declaration that I am a Sikh who: Maintains untrimmed kesh Does not smoke or consume tobbacco...
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    Harbhajan Singh Says No To Patiala Pegs

    It would be nice if Bhajji also takes to full Sikh identity of untrimmed kesh as he is a high profile Sikh and a role model for many young Sikhs. In multicultural schools and institutions, Sikh youngsters are questioned on the relevance of untrimmed kesh and bhajji is pointed as an example to...
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    Sakhis Janam-Sakhis: The FABEL-ous Cultural Heritage

    Well expressed spandmin ji. Unfortunately we Sikhs have got into a habit of discounting our own great heritage. In the name of rationality we fail to propagate and even suppress great works such as Janam Sakhi and Bachitar Natak. Isn't it because of such an attitude the world at large and...
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    Is Sikhism Or The Sikh Message Weak?

    Passingby ji, How right you are! Sikhs make the mistake of considering themselves as ethnic people. They must stop considering themselves as ethnic people and start looking at themselves as ethical people.This is what every line of Gurbani teaches us!
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    USA Top American Graduates Heading To India For Employment

    Yes. The Old, lethargic, corrupt, India (which managed the the Commonwealth Games) has failed the young, enthusiastic, professional hardworking India! (which has built new airports, High technology companies etc)
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    Bhai Veer Singh

    I would go as far to say that if you reads, Guru Nanak Chamatkar, Guru Kalgidhar Chamatkar and Baba Naudh Singh slowly and carefully you will be completely enchanted and will have no doubt in your mind about Sikhi.
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    Why Are We Not Allowed To Cut Hair When It's Ok To Cut Nails, Since Both Are Created By God?

    My understanding is quite simple: Our Gurus gave us a majestic identity. So if a Sikh does a good deed, it becomes an example that should be emulated and brings good name to the community and brings to fore the teachings of our Gurus. Manmohan Singh is Sikh and is well known and admired all...
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    Controversial Balkanizing Pakistan; An Alternate View

    Kanwardeep Singh ji, Are there really any US nukes now in Pakistan?
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    Where To Give The 'Daswand'

    Thasnks findingmyway ji, for this courageous suggestion. I too have often wondered that why should I be restrained on religious grounds alone. As Bhagat Singh ji has pointed out the internet has made it possible to identify worthy causes and organisations.
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    Where To Give The 'Daswand'

    Gyani ji & Bhagat Singh ji, Your anger is well appreciated. But the realities and practicalities of real life are much more complex. If you give charity individually to the homeless loitering on the streets, then you discover that they are drug addicts and a part of organised gangs and...
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    Controversial Balkanizing Pakistan; An Alternate View

    Balkanizing Pakistan: A Collective National Security Strategy Michael Hughes, Geopolitical journalist Posted: July 6, 2010 05:43 AM Breaking Pakistan to Fix It The argument for Balkanizing Pakistan or, more specifically, fragmenting the Islamic Republic so it's easier to police and...
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    Today Is Raksha Bandhan

    Ik jivan ji, Raksha Bandhan is perfectly alright if it is for reinforcing strong bonds between brother and sister. It should not opposed just on the grounds of being a "Hindu" custom. Sikhi is against empty ritualism. You will find thousands of women going to Gurudwaras and tying rakhis to the...
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    Hindu-Sikh Conflict In Punjab: Causes And Cure

    Very neatly and precisely put dalbirk ji. A large majority of Sikhs in India and knowledgeable Hindus are deeply pained by this avoidable conflict.
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    Do Religious People Really Believe In God?

    Aman Singh ji, That I think is a very sweeping generalised conclusion. In comparative terms do we not observe people who believe in God or rather in Sikh terminology "Hukam" reconcile and regain their composure much faster than non believers?
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    Average Jatt Sikh Male Height 5' 7"

    I do not think that bravery has got anything to do with lineage, caste or the religion that one is born into. It just the motivation towards a cause that a leader or a Guru is able to instill in his protege that matters. Our Gurus were able to instill superlative qualities in their Sikhs through...