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    Why Do We Forget?

    Understanding comes from reading the bani. You can get others understanding of the bani by listening to Katha and so on. However, even if a person shows you the way, you yourself have to walk on it. The way will mean nothing if you are not walking on it. Same thing applies to bani. A person...
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    Why Do We Forget?

    Every person has something to lose. However, some of us have no such attachments or fear. The courage to stand up for what is right and fight against wrong is given to each individual by the Grace of Guru. Now, those who read bani more than others will be the ones without fear. When a being...
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    Why Do We Forget?

    This is my question to all the Sikhs who continuous forget that we are not free. WHY? As you all know, with everything going on in Punjab concerning Balwant Singh Rajoana, we as Sikhs are not able to do anything to get him out of prison. He being in Punjab (land of Sikhs) we should be able to...
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    Leisure Why Did God Give Us Personalities If He Has None Himself?

    God is the supreme being. He is the one who has given us our identity and personality. He is our reason for existance. If the question arises how can we connect to him, if he has no personality then my answer would be; the creator of all being does not need a personality. God has not one but...
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    What Is Worship? What Is Not?

    Worship varies from person to person. Worshipping is remembering God's name again and again. As Sikh we are suppose to say God's name again and again. As for Idol worshipping, it doesn't exist in Sikhism. For Sikhs, the guru is Shabad. We can remember God's name by Shabad.
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    Pictures And Statues Of Gurus

    Re: Pictures and Statues of Guru's No. Statues/ Idols are prohibited in Sikhism. It is very easy for people to start worshiping statues or pictures of Guru. And the reason is; our 10 Guru's led us to Sikhism and to Guru Grant Sahib Ji. Even though its declared to Sikhs "Guru Maniyo Grant", it...
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    Pictures And Statues Of Gurus

    Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, Many Sikh homes may have a picture of Guru Nanak Dev Ji or Guru Gobing Singh Ji hanging on the walls of their homes. Some of us may accept the pictures some of us may not. We can say whoever had made the pictures must have done so with love for Guru...
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    A MUST SEE OF Sacha Sauda

    Every Sikh needs to see this video and learn how Sikhi is being insulted. We all need to do something about this. As Sikhs it is our...
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    What Do Sikh Women Look For In Men?

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I think we all most likely look for similar things. I specifically Love! If a person is able to give you love then there is no need to look for anything else. Love is hard to find but it does exist. Till we find it, we tend to look for personality traits that attract us.
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    Make A Change In Others Lives!

    Hi, My name is Ramandeep Kaur Khalsa. Everyday there is a will inside of me to do something to help Sikhs and others connect to God. Everyday I find myself thinking about what is it that I can do to give people back their true identity. Everyday I struggle with myself about thinking of steps...
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    Legal Is Disneyland's Dress Code Offensive?

    About this article I have read so many different opinions of people. Ranging from, "we have freedom of religion" to "your religion should be left at home". I am simply upset this whole thing. Discrimination like this does not Just happen in Disneyland, It happens all over. And it should not be...
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    FAQs Do Sikhs Eat Meat?

    Amritdhari sikhs do not eat meat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    1984 Anti-Sikh Pogrom Never Forget 1984 Sikh Protest In London (Slide Show)

    I am glad that people still protest and let others know that we still remember. I know many people who say that we as Sikhs should let go but then I ask them how can those who lost all they had let go. It is easy for people to say but those who actually lost everything know how it felt and still...
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    How Important Is Uncut Hair (kesh)?

    A lot of people in Sikhism state over and over again that, one has to be good person, pray, and not do wrong and then they say taking amrit is not important. Our Guru Gobind Singh Jee made us Khalsa and Sikhs are Khalsa. If anyone cuts there hair they entirely are not Sikhs because a Sikh is an...
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    USA All Amritdharis Banned From Rochester NY Gurdwara Sahib

    After reading that all I can say is WOW in disappointment. Now Sikhs are not being allowed in Gurdwaras and the once who are so called Sikhs will be. It seems as if everyone and everything this trying its best to erase Sikh identity. These people can do whatever they want Khalsa will forever...