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    Help With A Passage

    WJKK WJKF There are two passages that I'm struggling to understand, if someone could help that would be great! They are: Listening-the Siddhas, the spiritual teachers, the heroic warriors, the yogic masters. Listening-the earth, its support and the Akaashic ethers. Listening-the oceans, the...
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    WJK WJKF Hey, I know I just posted, but I'm just so excited, and want to learn everything I can. I hope I'm not asking to much! In the SGGS, there are often cases where it says "har, har," for reasons I don't understand. Can anyone explain this to me? Grandcannon
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    The Mythical Bull

    WJK WJKF On panaad 3 of the SGGS, it says: The mythical bull is Dharma, the son of compassion this is what patiently holds the earth in its place. One who understands this becomes truthful. What a great load there is on the bull! I really did not understand this verse. Can anyone explain this...
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    New Sikh

    WJK WJKF Thanks alot, I'm looking forward to it! Grandcannon
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    New Sikh

    WJK WJKF Hello everybody, this is my first post on this forum! I have been posting on other sikh youth forums for a while, like, and have learned alot. I have been a devout christian my whole life, but about two years ago, I began to question my faith. I became involved with...